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- Усовершенствованная Таблица Ступеней - Б811112RB83
- Усовершенствованная Таблица Ступеней - Б811112RD90
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Revised 20 April 1990
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I recently reworked the Grade Chart in the interest of greater gain for the pc. I forwarded the notes for issue and they were added to by others. Some of the additions were done because of an unnecessary confusion on the state of Clear: They have no bearing on this new Grade Chart and so have been deleted. TWO additional HCOBs have been written by me, HCOB 12 Dec. 81, The Theory Of The New Grade Chart, and HCOB 14 Dec. 81, The State Of Clear. This new Grade Chart as follows is for use at once. A full new Grade Chart will be issued later.


0. Introductory and Assist actions as commonly used in orgs and by auditors on new pcs.

1. Purification RD.

2. Objectives as required.

3. Scientology Drug RD.

(Optional, only for those who need it per the sections in this HCOB on DRDs and Programing; HCOB 31 May 77, LSD, Years After They Have "Come Off of" LSD; HCOB 28 Aug. 68 II, Drugs; and HCOB 23 Sept. 68, Drugs and Trippers.)

4. Expanded ARC Straightwire Grade (Quad).

5. Expanded Grade 0 (Quad).

6. Expanded Grade I (Quad).

7. Expanded Grade II (Quad).

8. Expanded Grade III (Quad).

9. Expanded Grade IV (Quad).

10. NED Drug RD.

11. NED.

12. If goes Clear on NED, Clear Certainty Rundown.

13. Sunshine Rundown if goes Clear on NED.

13A. If not cleared on NED goes to an AO for Clearing Course.

14. Solo Auditor Course whether Clear or not (or Class 0-IV Academy courses, prior to Solo Auditor Course).


It is quite common for auditors and orgs to give introductory or demonstration sessions. There are several of these: They have been issued under various names including "Life Repair. " They should not be excluded from the Chart. Group Processing comes under this category, despite the real gains it can give.

Division 6s often have counseling services which, although they can be done at any time, should be mentioned at this level.

Assists are, quite often, the first auditing a pc gets and while most assists can be done at any time (excluding R3R or NED on Clears or above) they should not be omitted.



During the period of coming off drugs, Objectives are needed. For pcs who cannot follow commands, Objectives are needed. Purification in many cases has to be accompanied with auditing on Objectives to permit withdrawal.

Purification, on a heavy druggie, should be followed by Objectives.

This is a matter of C/S programing. The C/S should estimate the case and use or omit Objectives as indicated on an individual programing basis.

Registrars are forbidden to C/S and when the Purification is done (or when they sell it) simply state that it should be accompanied or followed by personal auditing.

And Reges should sell intensives.

The Reg can show the Grade Chart and say where it goes but should state- must state-that what is given is up to the C/S.

A low OCA, right or left, indicates a need of Objectives.

This means that C/Ses can either program the case for Objectives (optional) or straight onto Scn Drug RD (optional) or Expanded Straightwire (not optional) and lower grades (not optional) and NED DRD (not optional) and NED.

The TRs and Objectives Co-audit Course serves to give the preclear a full battery of Objective Processes as well as case gain from doing TRs 0-9 and the experience and wins of auditing another.

Scientology DRD or NED DRD

The programing and delivery of drug rundowns is done per the section on programing included in this bulletin, and with full use of the data contained in the following key HCOBs and the issues they reference:

Green Form 40 Expanded

Programing and use of the Green Form 40 Expanded as an optional or conditional step in handling cases is covered in:

HCOB 8 Dec. 78R II Rev. 27.6. 88 Green Form And Expanded Green Form 40RF, Use Of

Happiness RD

The Happiness RD can be fitted-according to the case-before or after lower grades, before or after NED, or before or after Clear. But to get optimum results from it, as clearly proven by pilot, is just before lower grades and after Objectives. So that is where it really belongs on the Grade Chart and where it would be done by most of those moving up the Bridge. And people whohaven't had Purification or any needed drug handling and Objectives don't do too well on it.

It should not be run, of course, in the Non-Interference Zone. It even works brilliantly on OTs!

The Happiness RD is the most popular RD. But it won't run, of course, on a person who needs a Purification. And it won't run on someone who needs Objectives before he can follow auditing commands at all. A C/S has to know what any RD is supposed to do.

Method One Word Clearing

Method One is strongly recommended for students, auditors and anyone who wants to recover his past education and increase his ability to study.

Ideally it would be done after Objectives and before the NED Drug RD or NED, although it can be done at any point on the Grade Chart and on all cases, including Clears and OTs.

There is one exception to this: It is not delivered to those in the Non-Interference Zone (that zone between the start of New OT I and the completion of OT III, for those who went Clear on NED, or from the beginning of R6ew to the completion of OT III, for those who did not go Clear on Ned).

As an HGC audited action, Method One is delivered in orgs and missions. The Method One Co-audit may be done at orgs.

Method One is necessary in order to be a fast flow student, and is required before doing Academy training or OEC, per:

PTS RDs and PTS Handlings

The data under this section heading which appeared in the earlier versions of this HCOB was written by another. It included false, misleading statements which lead to only "patch-up" (quickie) type PTS handlings or no PTS handling being done at all in some orgs and areas.

Specifically, the former statement that PTS RDs and handlings are done only "to a point where the PTS condition will no longer block case progress or cause roller coaster" infers that this is the EP of all PTS RDs or handlings, which is a false datum.

A second statement limited delivery of the PTS RD, which contains R3RA, to those at the level of NED on the Grade Chart.

The various actions and rundowns for handling PTSness, with their EPs, are covered in the following key issues:

These rundowns and handlings are not assigned to a specific point on the Grade Chart as they are used when a PTS condition is encountered. C/Ses, auditors, HCOs and Quals must be fully conversant with these and must ensure their correct use in handling PTSness terminatedly when it occurs.

Int Rundowns

The Interiorization RD or the End Of Endless Int RD are the remedies used to stabilize a pc after exteriorization and permit him to be audited further. Programing and handling is done per the following issues:


Anyone who is Clear should be actively moving on up to the next higher levels on the Grade Chart. If this is not happening, if the Clear is moving very slowly or stopped in his progress, HCOB 27 Mar. 84, C/S Series 119, Stalled Dianetic Clear: Solved, provides a full array of handlings that may be done to assist the Clear to get unstuck from any point of possible hang-up. Not the least of the actions are Sec Checking and the handling of false purposes. Any of the services provided would be C/Sed for by a Case Supervisor qualified to handle Clears, and none of the actions C/Sed would include NED or any form of Dianetics, as Dianetics is not to be run on Clears.

An org with stalled Clears in its field should be making full use of this technology in order to assist the individual Clear himself and, as well, to unjam the flow in the area for which the org is responsible.


Cases divide up into four general groups:

Case 1: On drugs, will go through withdrawal-Needs Objectives and Purification at same time. Then up the Chart.

Case 2: Has been on drugs. OCA below center line on right or left. Needs Purification, Objectives before can respond well to think processes or auditing commands. Then up full Chart. Happiness RD before NED.

Case 3:No heavy drugs. OCA middle range. Purification, Objectives, Expanded Straightwire, Lower Grades, Happiness RD, NED on up.

Case 4: OCA all in the upper half of Graph. No heavy Drug History. Purification optional, ARC Straightwire, Expanded Lower Grades, Happiness RD, NED, etc.

Public in this last case group who have read The Way to Happiness can come in and go right onto the Happiness Rundown and on up the Bridge. (This is one of the major routes for public into the org.)

Reges must not sell the pc a program. A Reg sells auditing. Person wants a certain rundown-Reg only has to say, "Good, you'll get it," and the C/S, informed, can put it on the program in its proper place.

Refunds came from nondelivery or misprograming. As all cases are not in the same state, one cannot run them all on the same program. A raw pc can have every RD there is but not in a sequence that will not match his case.

Pcs will turn up who have had a Happiness RD in a mission who need Objectives. Pcs will turn up who have had intro services or assists. One simply notes it and doesn't repeat or overrun those processes. Pcs will turn up who need repair of earlier auditing. Pcs will appear who have had Book One auditing. Each needs his own program. That is all the business of the C/S, not the Reg.

The Reg can tell the pc all about this RD or that but must always say "I am here to be sure you obtain enough hours so you can receive what you want. It is up to the Technical staff to give your case individual programing. We know where you want to go, the C/S will be told and we are here to help you get there. Not all cases are the same and the Tech staff will tailor your program to fit you. The rundown you have requested will be on that program. We want you to get the maximum obtainable benefit from it and that is done by preparation. If you cooperate, we will do the best we can. "


If you show them the routes you can stress individual programing. Every pc likes individual attention. The honest fact is that a Grade Chart can give only the big pattern one should travel. How to get the pc up it is between the C/S and the pc's individual case.

There is no Royal Road that has an exact starting point for every pc. There is a series of wins that people can attain and these are in a proper sequence of case levels.

A Grade Chart is the sequence for all cases but cases start at different points when they begin to ascend it. And so a C/S has to use it that way.



Please note that at (12) on the above list provision begins to be made for those who do not go Clear on NED. The Clear Certainty Rundown is not given to someone who has not gone Clear on NED. (13) the Sunshine Rundown, is also not given to those who do not go Clear on NED. Instead of these two (12 and 13), the person can go on to an Advanced Org for his Clearing Course.

But, please note, whether a person goes Clear on NED or not, it is planned that he can begin his Solo Auditor's Course (necessary for OT steps) in his home org. Part I of the Solo Auditor's Course can be begun right after the Sunshine Rundown or not having gone Clear; and Part II, completing it, can be done in an SH or AO.

Revision assisted by LRH Technical Research and Compilations