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Track - The time track. The endless record, complete with 52 perceptions of the pc’s entire past. (From HCOB 15 May 63)

Goal Series - The 84 actual goals in their sequence and pattern that repeats over and over forward through time. (Reference: Tape 25 Feb. 64)

Actual Goal - The dominating significance of the thetan’s own causation which binds together the masses accumulated by the reliable items of an actual GPM.

Implant Goal - An implanted goal. A goal the thetan himself has not decided upon — but which has been induced in him by overwhelming force or persuasion.

Actual GPM - The composite black mass of all the pairs of reliable items and their associated locks, dominated and bound together by the significance of an actual goal and having a definite location as a mass on the time track.

Implant GPM - An implanted Goal Problem Mass. An electronic means of ovewhelming the thetan with a significance using the mechanics of the actual pattern of living to entrap the thetan and force obedience to behavior patterns. (From HCOB 8 May 63)

RI - Reliable Item. A black mass with a significance in it which is dominated by a goal and which is part of a GPM.

Item - Any terminal, opposition terminal, combination terminal, significance or idea appearing on a list derived from the pc. (From HCOB 8 Nov. 62)

Term - A terminal. One of a pair of reliable items of equal mass and force, the significance of which the thetan has aligned with his own intentions.

Oppterm - An opposition terminal. One of a pair of reliable items of equal mass and force, the significance of which the thetan has in opposition to his own intentions.

Crossover - The crossover area. That position in the GPM where the terminals run from neutral against the goal until in opposition to the goal and where the opposition terminals run from neutral on the goal until in complete agreement with the goal.

Lock - A minor mass whose significance is associated with that of an RI or GPM.

Key-ins - Those parts of the time track which contain the first moment an earlier engram, implant, RI or GPM is restimulated. (Reference: HCOB 15 May 63)

Goals Plot - The pattern of the pc’s 84 actual goals. (Reference: HCOB 21 Mar. 64) Line PlotThe pattern of items for every GPM. (From HCOB 21 Mar. 64)

Plotting - The action of obtaining goals or items from the pc and positioning them in their correct sequence on their respective plots.

Creak - A stiffness, and out-of-plumbness, an unchanging situation, a no energy flow. (From Tape 18 Feb. 64)

Heat - The physical sensation associated with the release of energy in the form of heat which is attendant to actual GPMs, their RIs and associated locks.

Somatics - Uncomfortable physical perceptions coming from the reactive mind. (From HCOB 8 Nov. 62)

Bypassed Charge - Mental energy or mass that has been restimulated but not destimulated or erased.

RR - A rocket read.A needle reaction in which the needle goes to the right with a fast spurt which rapidly decays. (From HCOB 6 Dec. 62)

BD - A blowdown. A distinct rapid drop of the tone arm (0.2 divs or more) associated with some part of the auditing.

TA - Tone Arm. Refers to the tone arm or its motion.

Chug - A needle reaction in which the needle, in falling, appears to encounter, penetrate and surge beyond a “skin.” (Reference: HCOB 15 Mar. 64)

Sub-Itsa - Significances or masses so charged that the pc is unable to locate, identify or describe them. They are below the depth he is able to itsa to. (Reference: Lecture Notes 18 Dec. 63)

Sub-Volitional - Actions, decisions, choices and goals occurring below the level at which the pc has any conscious control. Inevitable activities. (Reference: Tape 5 Feb. 64) L. RON HUBBARD