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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
UK Franchise Holders


Recent HCO Franchise Holder Bulletins sent out by HCO WW have been intended in the main for the United States. They have been sent by courtesy to Franchise Holders in the UK. The data applies equally.

We have not so far attempted very much for the UK Franchise Holder and there is a great deal of ground work to be done. The US went through all this many months ago and have just now completed their first instruction courses in Washington where most Franchise Holders were carefully trained to improve their already climbing successes.

US Franchise income is not yet high, amounting to an overall several thousand dollars a week only. But they have not yet had six months to get into the swing of it. When the class attendees return home from Washington where they have been since July 1, a steady acceleration can be expected.

  1. The UK Franchise Holder has a lot of groundwork to do. First in the UK we have to learn to work better as a team.
  2. UK Franchise Holders will have to get started on programs of co-auditing to clear up the key buttons of VICTIM, MONEY and a third one to be named later. HASI London staff is of course well along on this route.

HCO WW is trying to bring the British Scientologist stability and security and this will be hard to do until his or her barriers on the subject are cleared up. We have no doubt of being able to bring security and stability to the British Scientologist and our first job is to get him or her to stand long enough to receive it. Hence the co-auditing program.

If we want a better world we’ll have to make it better — nobody else seems to be trying to do anything but hold the status quo of misery. And if a better world is to be built, it will be built because we could pay our way.


HAS Co-Audit is in its infancy in the UK. Even in South Africa and Australia the program is far more advanced. But this is because these areas have had great co- operation from HCO. In the very near future HCO WW will begin to work with the problems of the UK Franchise Holder.

Meanwhile, it would be a good idea to get one-up personally by getting Process S 2 flattened and then you will be ready for a further step.

We appreciate your patience. It will be suitably rewarded.