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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Fast Courses - B701223

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Быстрые Курсы - Б701223
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo Applies to AOs Info to all orgs


We should end off fast grades and slow courses. What we want is thorough grades and fast courses.

Speed-up of HDCs, class IV, VI, VII, VIII and "HGC auditor" courses at all orgs, AOs (and SHs) would encourage more students. My time for it is 3 weeks. This was up to 5 and even 11 to 13 weeks at once by illegal checksheet increases. Class VIII material ended with HCOBs at the end of 1968. The 1969 - mid-1970 HCOBs and materials are class IX and we are currently about to prepare orgs for class X delivery when orgs can use what they have.

No retread of IV, VI or VII may be given at AO expense. it is illegal to give a retread course away.

A person who has to be retreaded on Academy and SHSBC to receive a class VIII course is of course a false attest. Further the full expense of the course would be at the cost of the Acad­emy or the SH that gave it.

Normally speaking a retread requirement would be too unwieldy if the student were sent back to an Academy or an SHSBC. A more practical solution would be to form a retread course from the HGC auditor checksheet and give it and send the offending org that gave the course a bill for it. Teach it to the student. Then put the student on the class VIII course. The class VIII course has been slowed by:

(a) Attempting to use it as a free retread IV and VI course instead of just teaching class VIII.

(b) Adding what will be class IX to the 1968 HCOBs thus tangling up the course design and extending its checksheet to triple length.

(c) Incompetent or unalert supervision.

The class VIII course is 3 weeks long. Period.

Counter policy has been for the supervisor to set the course length, to add to the course, to give away free retread and to give away the 1969 — mid-70 materials training.

The auditing skill and type of 1969 — mid-70 is different. The C/S series and type is differ­ent and is class IX. But has even been shoved into Academies!! where they really flub exterioriza­tion rundowns.

A class VIII has an HDC requisite. If they can't cleanly audit pure Dianetics to a result they'll never be able to audit Scientology. We learned in 1969 that the class VIII failures were due to HDC inabilities!

Class VIII had its own C/Sing, its own remedies, its own skills. They are important. Now do we tell students "they're all old now, we have a C/S series, etc. etc. " Or do we teach class VIII?

On Flag a class IV or VI just can't keep up with the C/Sing. Until he's a VII and then an VIII. We are auditing IX and X on Flag. That does not mean class IV, VI, VII and VIII aren't done!

We'll never get class IX into the field. Ext rundown flubs in the field are gruesome. That's because Ext we find is a class IX process! Only a person who has been an HDC, a IV, a VI and an VIII can be taught what we're doing.

Throwing an out of sequence into training in orgs is defeating good auditing.

This HCOB gives you the answers on how to get training back into sequence. Class VIIIs got results they were trained to get. That's all the result any auditor can get.

So speed up your courses by wiping out the counter policy.

Fast training gets students in. Slow training messes up the whole field and denies enrollments.