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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
BPI Remimeo Auditors C/Ses False Purpose Rundown Series 1



That beings are basically good and are seeking to survive are two fundamental facts of life.

A being’s basic goodness can be made brightly evident or be heavily obscured, the quality of his life and survival potential can be enhanced or reduced, all through a factor fundamental to the thetan himself: Purposes.

Where a being has accumulated non-survival purposes and intentions, he will be found to be having, doing and being far below his potential. Having committed overt acts (prompted by false, non-survival intentions and purposes) he then restrains himself from action. Achievement, stability, certainty, respect for self, and even the thetan’s innate power can seem to deter­iorate or disappear altogether.

And it can be found that many of these contra-survival purposes have been fettering the being for a very long time.

Recent upper level research breakthroughs have led to the development of a new rundown designed to slash straight through to the root of such false purposes and unwanted intentions and blow them.

The name of this new rundown is the False Purpose Rundown.


The tech research done was quite extensive and involves several major discoveries. But I’ll let you in on one thing: There were a group of beings (translates to „psychs“ and „priests“ — same crew, really) who existed way, way back on the track.

It was the aim of these psychs back on the whole track to very carefully push in people’s anchor points to prevent them from reaching. The psychs were, themselves, a bunch of terri­fied cowards, and the prevention of reaching was one facet of their operation. Handling overts, withholds and non-survival purposes with the False Purpose Rundown has proven highly effective in undoing the effects of the „work“ of psychs on the whole track, and restoring the thetan’s willingness and ability to reach.


The False Purpose Rundown may only be delivered by an auditor who has completed the Hubbard False Purpose Rundown Auditor (HFPRDA) course, where one studies the materials of the new tech breakthroughs and masters the laser-precise techniques of False Purpose Rundown auditing. The rundown may only be C/Sed by a New Class VI C/S (or above) who also has been thoroughly trained in the tech of the False Purpose Rundown as both an auditor and a Case Supervisor.

The auditing is very fast and very direct.

And — hold your hat — though it is the result of research into the far reaches of the OT band, it can be delivered to persons who have just begun on their way up the Bridge! Case prerequisites for the rundown are determined by the Case Supervisor, based on the pc’s drug history and personality test results. Some pcs will need no prior case actions at all. (Ref. HCOB 12 Nov 81RB, Grade Chart Streamlined For Lower Grades)


Pcs and PreOTs report — and folder studies confirm — a very high rate of case gain per hour of auditing on this run­down, with unwanted fixed conditions and considerations drop­ping away left and right.

Barriers to enjoyment of life and attainment of goals that before seemed solid and formidable can be whisked away like a puff of smoke before a fresh gust of wind. What would be left if such barriers were gone? Certainty of self and one’s basic purposes and intentions — and a revitalized reach, drive and confidence in one’s ability to achieve them, free from self-restraint.

And that, my friend, is worth reaching.