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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Exteriorization (INTRD-09) - B710113R

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Экстеризация - Б710113
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo Class IV Grad Checksheet (Revisions and Additions in this type style)
(Ellipses indicate deletions)
(Revised 24 Sep 78 to give current data on
references covering exteriorization and its handling.)
Interiorization Rundown Series 9


On reviews of field-given exteriorization intensives during the past year, I found many cases had been flubbed.

On researching this I found the following:

1. The remedy was being used as an effort to exteriorize people. People exteriorize in any normal auditing. What was needed was a remedy to be able to audit them thereafter without driving their TAs up.

2. Auditors evidently skimped their HDC Courses and did not know WHY one went to an earlier beginning or earlier incident. Thus they didn’t know why you had to run interiorization.

3. HCOB 22 Mar 70 Exteriorization And High TA, (now HCOB 4 Jan 71R, EXTERIORIZATION AND HIGH TA, THE INTERIORIZATION RUNDOWN REVISED) must have been studied only for the rote commands. The theory of it was not studied.

4. Common Dianetic goofs got in the road of the rundown, the auditor failing to repeat the chain in asking for an earlier incident… (Ref: HCOB 26 Jun 78RA, Issue II, New Era Dianetics Series 6RA.)

5. The exteriorization intensive was being stretched over several sessions. As only it can be audited, between sessions PTPs, etc., would intervene… (Current ref: HCOB 20 Aug 70R, Int RD Series 8, INT RD MUSTS.)

6. Clearing the command was flubby and the pc often thought interiorization meant “being in and trying to get out” and so the wrong end of the incident (the end) was being run.

7. People who hadn’t been exterior at all and whose TAs were normal — not high — were being run on it.

8. It was being sold as a special rundown to exteriorize people, not just to enable them to go on being audited.

The number of Exteriorization Rundown flubs is excessive.

Therefore new HCOBs and a new pack have been issued. These include:

Commands and procedure for running New Era Dianetics in an Interiorization RD are now contained in:

The glaring outness is Dianetic… skill… A Dianetic auditor who can’t run a flubless Dianetic session and get all… flows down to F/N studied in doubt, audits in doubt and ought to be in a condition of doubt until he retreads and actually reads the text and does the drills. Dianetics… is just too easy to be flubbed.

After patching up many of these done in the field I became very alert to the state of training. A new Course Supervisor course has been done and is being issued.

Obviously, auditors are no longer required to be starrated on new materials before they audit them. This omission must be remedied at once. No auditor may audit materials or apply HCOBs on which he has not been starrated.

No HGC or C/S may order an auditor to run a process if that auditor has not been starrated on its theory and practical first.

As for Dianetics, an auditor who cannot routinely carry a chain to an F/N VGI cog and erasure… may not retain his certificate unless retreaded and his certificate is suspended until he is retreaded. (Full New Era Dianetics EP is covered in HCOB 16 Sep 78, Postulate Off Equals Erasure.)

For people to goof up using these clean positive tools is inexcusable.

The results are there to be obtained. We obtain spectacular positive results with these same materials daily wherever they are actually studied and applied.

Please correct flubby auditing wherever you find it. Auditors must be checked out and drilled on new materials. Courses must be precisely taught. People who flub must be crammed until they don’t. And those who still flub must be retreaded.

The materials when applied produce great results. When they are not applied they don’t.

So apply them!