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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Expanded Dianetics Requisites (XDN-22) - B740423R74

CONTENTS Expanded Dianetics Requisites
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Revised 14 December 1974
Remimeo Ex Dn C/Ses Expanded Dianetics Series 22R

Expanded Dianetics Requisites

The recent review of Expanded Dianetics has shown that Ex Dn can be made to fail if the pc is improperly set up for it.

The following checklist is for use by C/Ses to ensure full set-ups for Ex Dn-have been done.

Attach to the inside left cover of the folder.


1. Pc has done a full set of TRs 04 and 6-9.

2. Pc has had a full battery of Objective Processes run to full EP.

3. Pc has been given a thorough C/S-1 and is grooved in.

4. Pc has completed (very) Drug RD which is flat. No no interest but reading items remain unrun. No medicine, drug or stimulant left unrun.

5. Pc successful at Dianetic Engram running. Can run Dn easily.

6. Pc has had Word Clearing Method 1 run very flat to F/N list.

7. Pc has been Word Cleared Method 5 on the L-3ExDRB and R3R words.

8. Pc has had any high or low TA handled with a C/S 53RI.

9. Pc is not in the Non-Interference area.

10. Pc has had any messed-up L&N and Why lists corrected.

11. Pc has not been left in the middle of a major action or RD to start Ex Dn.

12. Pc is getting Ex Dn after Dn, after Exp Gr 4 or after OT3. These are the only points Ex Dn is run on a case.


Only if you make sure each of these points is fully in will the pc fly on Ex Dn.