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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Errors of Students - B660810

CONTENTS ERRORS OF STUDENTS Level 0 Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level Vl Solo Audit
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo Tech Sec D of T


The following list of common errors causing student flunks in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course has been obtained from the Student Examiner by the Guardian WW:

Level 0

Theory — Not knowing commands — model session.

Written — Not fully understanding what a Q & A is.

The symptoms of Premature Acknowledgement.

What a PTS is.

Practical — Poor TR 0.

Auditing — By-passing floating needles.

Auditing PTS.

Saying the needle floated below 2.0 on the Tone Arm.

Level I

Theory — Not knowing what makes a meter read (female students mostly).

Not knowing the various scales.

Written — Not understanding how an auditor can prevent a Pc from coming into PT in the CCHs.

Q & A — not recognizing it in an auditing situation, (most students pass this written exam).

Practical — TR 9, not running TR 9 with fine clear intention.

Too much force being applied when not necessary.

Auditing — Over-running — under-running.

Saying Pc went Problems Release on Grade 0 Processes.

Auditing over unflat ruds.

By-passing FN.

Level II

Theory — Missed W/Hs — understanding of. Model session.

ARC Breaks and their relationship to overts and M/W/Hs.

How to do Auditing by List.

Written — M/W/Hs and W/Hs — critical thoughts — ARC Breaks and what caused which.

Study material — appreciation of.

Practical — Not knowing and understanding how to do Auditing by List.

Reading meter through a D/N.

Long comm lags with admin and asking next question.

Bad TR 0.

Auditing — Additives to process — not stopping at floating needle or under-running.

Level III

Theory — How to do an ARC Break Assessment.

Difference between By-passed Charge Assessment and ARC Break Assessment.

When to stop doing ARC Break Assessment.

Written — The primary error in handling ARC Breaks.

How to do listing and nulling.

Confusing ARC Breaks with by-passed charge.

Practical — Goofing up nulling a list.

Doing nulling through D/N.

Turning the sensitivity up in the assessment.

Not being able to clean the needle on the Pc.

Auditing — Not knowing what to do with CDEI Scale or method of running R3H.

Over-running — under-running.

Not handling an ARC Break properly.

Level IV

Theory — Definition of Service Fac. Rehab procedure. Understanding what PTS is.

Written — Recognizing a PTS situation. Details on rehabbing. Listing & Nulling rules. Recognizing when a new key-in has occurred in a rehab session. Knowing the rules on when to run a grade or when to rehab.

Practical — Slow nulling of a list — not doing it slickly and with certainty and with good TRs. Correct procedure on Listing and Nulling. Correct procedure on Auditing by List. Reading through D/N.

Level Vl

Very few flunks — occasionally over confusions on R6EW running — either shows in Theory or Written Exam.

Solo Audit

Lots of flunks — model session, scales, basics, what makes a meter read, comm cycle, admin, how to do a worksheet.

Sometimes running process — R6EW — usually basics are weak.

Dangerous Auditor’s Exam — No flunks!