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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Errors in Running 3N - B630717

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
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The following dispatch sent to Ron by Guy Eltringham, D of P Los Angeles, points out errors observed in running 3N, and may be of value to other Orgs:-

Re: Probable Field and Org alter-is on the running of 3-N.

On my return here I found the following errors (among others) being committed in the running of 3N by the HGC auditors (and even worse in the staff co-audit); I fear they may be occurring elsewhere.

  1. Confusions in the blue Line Plot. (HCO Technical Form of May 26, AD13)
  2. In block two - goal being directly added into blue Line Plot which already has “TO” written in - producing e.g. ABSOLUTABLE TO TO Forget, NIX ABSOLUTABLE TO TO Forget etc. (Very common, and apparently getting some sort of RR’s on them when “found” (in great numbers)). Also To To Forgetting etc., in the 149 - 160 band.
  3. In block five - inserting the “ing” form of the goal in the blank while an “ing” is sitting on the line already - producing e.g. Those Who Are Forgeting ing, Someone Who Isn’t Ever Forgetting ing. (there is no extra “ing”)
  4. In block six - incorporating the “er” into the “oppterm” side - producing - The Exhaustion Of Forgetering, The Stupidity of Forgetering. (There isn’t any “er” on the oppterm side)
  5. In block five and block six - attempting to form the “ing” form of the goal by adding “ing” to the goal minus to (which as fas as I can see would only occur at item 163 - 164). Thus producing many items with a section reading such as “Go Awaying”, not “Going Away” and “Be In Heavening”, not “Being In Heaven”. Even though the earlier Line Plot (red) has the “ing” form of these goals indicated in the block.
  6. Re-running GPMs after they had been run through to bottom oppterm rather than finding next goal and going on (one poor sob had partly run GPMs (first 3) and then “To Be In Heaven” (run as next goal in series). I say partly, because of chocked RRs. One of them re-run twice and one re-run once. And a goal oppose (long!!) done done on “To Remember” after “To go away” had been run - which action apparently sticks batches of the other goals on the list. All this done with the sickened-up line plots as shown above.
  7. Despite clarity of approriate Bulletins; run “To Be In Heaven” with and assertion that it is the 4th goal of the series.

I’d recomment a clarification on the Blue Plot and a warning to be published on at least the 2nd point. (Auditors tend to look at the goal as re-runable after that goal has been gone all the way through once).

D OF P Los Angeles

(Note by LRH: The proper RI, A Forgetting Forgetter, is also often gotten wrong. And one auditor found an Item “The Ing Form Of The Goal”. LRH)

LRH: dr Issued by: PETER HEMERY
HCO Secretary WW
Authorised by: L. RON HUBBARD