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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Environment Locational - B800506

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Местоположение в окружении (Серия РД ВЫЖ 6) - Б800506
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Survival RD Only Survival Rundown Series 6



The purpose of this process is to help the individual locate things and himself in his environment, thus it is called an “environment locational”. This process will get the preclear into communication with his environment and will extrovert him.

This is an Objective process.

“OBJECTIVE: (Dictionary Definition) ‘Of or having to do with a material object as distinguished from a mental concept, idea or belief. ’ Means here and now objects in PT....

“SUBJECTIVE: (Dictionary Definition 2nd meaning) ‘Proceeding from or taking place in an individual’s mind. ’

“Look around or physical contact processes are obviously ‘Objective’. Recall, think, remember or return on the time track processes are obviously ‘Subjective’.

“Pcs who have been on drugs obviously have to be run on Objective, not Subjective, processes.

“Anyone can be brought more into present time with Objective processes.” (HCOB 2 Nov 57RA AN OBJECTIVE RUNDOWN.)


It is important in any processing that the preclear understand the words being used and the command itself.

Therefore the first step in using any command for the first time is the clearing of it. This is simply done by clearing each word in the command, starting with the last word, and then clearing the command itself.

In this process for example, the auditor clears the word “that” then “at” then “look” by asking the pc “What is the definition of the word _______?”. If the pc is not sure or incorrect (he need only know the definition of how it is being used in the command you are clearing), you have him clear the appropriate definition in the dictionary. You then clear the command by asking “What does the command (question) ___________ mean to you?”


1. Take your pc to any place in his environment.

2. Tell your pc that you are going to run a Locational Process on him and that he is free to tell you any-thing that may occur while the process is being run.

3. a. Run the command “LOOK AT THAT (something visible in his environment).”

b. Indicate each thing you are telling the pc to look at by pointing to it.

4. When the pc has done the command, acknowledge him and repeat the command, indicating a different thing.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until the pc has a cognition and VGIs. (Various locations may be used as desired.)

6. Bring your pc to the examiner.

7. Write up what occurred while running the process and hand it in to your co-audit supervisor.

This process may take just several minutes or it may take a number of sessions.

“If running a Locational turns on a somatic it must be run until the somatic is flat. Therefore, the auditor has no business attempting Locational or getting the pc involved unless he intends to do something about it.”

If you have any questions as to what to do or how to handle something that has come up while running the process, go to your co-audit supervisor for assistance.

as assisted by TECH PROJECT I/C for the L. RON HUBBARD