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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Elusive Mis-U or Crashing Mis-U (DEBUG-05, WCS-63) - B790716

CONTENTS The “Elusive” Mis-U Or Crashing Mis-U ALERT RE METHOD 9
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Word Clearing Series 63

The “Elusive” Mis-U Or Crashing Mis-U


Miraculous as it is, a Word Clearer must be aware of the fact that M9 Word Clearing does not uncover false data, Crashing Mis-Us, overts, withholds or PTSness. Other tech exists to handle these. However they also, sometimes in a shadowy way, make their appearance doing M9. People doing M9 are doing it to get something understood or get some order done or get some product actually made and out. In most cases M9 will produce a marked gain. However, when it doesn’t work, one of the above is also present. Handling of these is covered in detail in other HCOBs.

However, the item the M9er is most likely to collide with in situations where M9 is really not getting much done is the mysterious Crashing Mis-U.

A Crashing Mis-U, while it is always sitting right there in PT, big as life, can sometimes appear to be elusive. It eludes the most conscientious Word Clearer and the person himself, despite honest efforts to find it.

Let’s say you’ve made an exhaustive search for the CRMU, you’ve hunted and punched in the area of his products, you’ve word cleared him on the texts covering his products and you’ve found and cleared some misunderstood words, none of which are IT. You’ve done the full CRMU and Product Debug procedure by the book and you still haven’t gotten the Crashing Mis-U — as evidenced by no products.

At this point you could suspect one of the following:

1. The word that has caused him to crash may be right there in plain view, it does appear in the texts and orders covering the person’s post and products, but it has been missed.

Why? Because the Crashing Mis-U (which is not your ordinary common garden variety of misunderstood word) will not always show up for what it is in M9ing. The word may appear in the materials but the person reads it with no stumble or reaction whatsoever, as he is so certain he knows it and his misunderstanding of it is so obscured by false data and false definitions. It doesn’t even read on the meter on Method 2 or 4 because it’s way below his awareness.

So you wouldn’t just assume there was nothing there because the word didn’t turn up on Method 9 or Methods 2 or 4. You’d need to move in with Method 5 or 6 and probably also False Data Stripping in a case like this to really pry it into view.


2. The Crashing Mis-U may not be on the subject of the product itself but in an area related to the subject. If this is suspected you look for the CRMU in the related areas and it’s very likely you’ll come up with the prize!

The reason it wasn’t found in the first place is because the word didn’t appear in the materials he was word cleared on and it didn’t come up in a search in the area of his products. But it was sitting there, all the time, in an adjacent, a related area!

In two cases recently where staff members were being crammed on rejects of their products this phenomena turned up and was used and it all straightened out nicely!

The watchword is: you utilize all methods of Word Clearing and whatever else it takes to find the Crashing Mis-U.


The data above applies to routine Method 9 Word Clearing as well as to Crashing Mis-U finding. Thus, if you’ve M9ed the person on his post materials and he’s not getting it or making it, realize that he may be sliding over an MU or even a Crashing Mis-U where the word actually appears in the materials and is obscured for the above reasons. Or that the misunderstood may be in an area related to the subject and the word itself doesn’t appear in the text you’re handling.

Method 9 is a superlative Word Clearing tool. Word Clearers must keep it effective, and not permit that effectiveness to be dimmed by a failure to know and use the data in this bulletin.

So you check the related areas where it’s indicated, or you marry up routine Method 9 with Crashing Mis-U finding and all of its steps where the person isn’t making it otherwise. And you’ll find the elusive misunderstood or Crashing Mis-U is not so elusive after all. It will come plainly into view — ripe for the plucking!