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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
HCO BULLETIN OF 27 April 971
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Education, Definition Of

This definition of education was devised in the Mid-fifties as the first entrance to the subject.

Education is the conveyance of ideas, patterns and creations from one person to another for knowing retention and conscious use by the second person.

By patterns was meant designs, forms and sequences of motion.

Knowledge can be conceived to be ideas, patterns and creations and can include any concept or understanding.

It would then be seen to be vital that the Educator be as well a Communicator and that his cycle of communication be as nearly perfect as possible.

The formula of Communication is:

Cause, distance, effect with intention and attention and a duplication at effect of what emanates from cause.

(The best published discussions of Communication are found in Dianetics '55!.)

As Understanding plays its role in Education, one has to know the components of understanding. These are Affinity, Reality and Communication. These three elements together make up understanding and so play their role in Education.

(Basic Data on A, R and C may be found in Notes on the Lectures and Dianetics '55!.)

If the Educator is deficient in his Communication cycle (as exemplified and practiced in the Training Drills of the HAS Course — TRs 0-1-2-3-4) the result will be "blown students" which is to say students who leave and do not finish the course. As their own comm and originations are not handled, they "ARC Break" (become upset) and so leave.

Anyone teaching a course whether in kindergarten, college or Scientology should have as a minimum the following:

Only then could he hope to put the basic definition of education into actual effect and obtain educated students who can use the information and patterns being taught.