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Issue II
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(Note: Drug taking has become very common
in the West, pushed by psychiatrists.)

It is possible to come off drugs without convulsions.

Drugs essentially are poisons. The degree they are taken determines the effect. A small amount gives a stimulant. A greater amount acts as a sedative. A larger amount acts as a poison and can kill one dead.

This is true of any drug. Each has a different amount. Caffeine is a drug. So Coffee is an example. 100 cups of coffee would probably kill a person. 10 cups would probably put him to sleep. 2 or 3 cups stimulates. This is a very common drug. It is not very harmful as it takes so much of it to have an effect so it is known as a stimulant.

Arsenic is known as a poison. Yet a tiny amount of arsenic is a stimulant, a good sized dose puts one to sleep and a few grains kills one dead.

But there are some drugs which have another factor. They directly affect the reactive bank. Marijuana (pot), peyote, morphine, heroin, etc. turn on the pictures one is stuck in. And they turn them on too hard to audit out.

LSD-25 is a psychiatric drug designed to make schizophrenics out of normal people. It is evidently widely distributed by psychiatrists. It looks like cube sugar and is easily made.

Drugs are considered valuable by addicts to the degree that they produce some “desirable effect”.

But they are dangerous to those around because a person on drugs

(a) has blank periods

(b) has unrealities and delusions that remove him from PT

(c) is very hard to audit.

Thus a drug taker can be holding a boat alongside, go into one of his blanks, think he is on Venus and let go.

A drug taker left on watch may go blank and miss a menacing situation and not handle it because he is “somewhere else”.

Giving an order to a drug taker can be grim as he may simply stand and stare at one. He ARC breaks anyone with it.

It takes about six weeks apparently for LSD to wear off. After that a person can be audited. But it ruins his case to a marked degree as it builds up ridges which don’t as-is well.

A drug or alcohol burns up the Vitamin B1 in the system rapidly. This increased speed of burning up B1 adds to his “happy state”. But now his system is out of B1 so he goes depressed.

To avoid convulsions take lots of B1 daily when coming off drugs.

And wait for six weeks before one is audited.

And then lay off. It’s a pretty poor trick on those who are dependent on one and get let down.