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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Drugs and Their Effects on Auditing Gains - B801011

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex




My intention and wish for all Scientologists has always been for them to become more able through auditing and thereby lead happier and more successful lives. I count among my happiest moments the times when I receive letters from Scientologists telling me of their wins in auditing and how their lives have improved through Scientology.

Auditing is the road to freedom for everyone, and no matter where you are on the Bridge, I want you to make the greatest gains possible from any auditing you receive.

To this end I have written this issue (and had some illustrations done to accompany the text) which I trust will be of use to you as you move up the Bridge.

There are three conditions which, when met, help ensure that any person getting audited will be in a position to get the most out of his auditing. A person who:

1. is freed from the restimulative effects of drugs, medicines and alcohol and any lingering effects their residues may have,

2. has had his attention unstuck from incidents in his past experience, and

3. is alert, in present time and in good communication with the things around him stands to make very good or even spectacular gain on whatever auditing he is receiving.

This is quite in addition to the general feeling of well-being which accompanies meeting 1, 2 and 3 above.

Indeed, such a person is far above what passes for "normal" currently in the society. Add on top of this, good auditing on the person's current program and you would have someone who was routinely doing very, very well in life.

There are reasons why the attainment of 1, 2 and 3 above are advantageous to the progress of any person's auditing.

The wins experienced in auditing will be greater and more stable if the person is free from the effects of drugs and if his attention is in PT and not stuck on past occurrences. What is more, the person will be in an optimum state to recover wins he experienced in any previous auditing. Regaining these former wins is not so easy if a person is still hindered by past drugs he has taken and has attention units stuck out of present time.

Additionally, the pc who is alert and in present time will be more capable of spotting and identifying any new state of existence he may reach or have reached as a result of auditing. The ability to identify these points of gain accurately can be very important.


The biggest factor in preventing the attainment of the three conditions mentioned above is, of course, drugs.

Drugs are essentially poisons. The degree they are taken determines the degree of effect they have. A small amount gives a stimulant. A greater amount acts as a sedative. An even larger amount acts as a poison and can be fatal. This is true of any drug.

Drugs have unfortunately become very common and widely used in our society during the last 15 or 20 years. In the 1960s it became apparent what drugs can do to a case. Drugs can inhibit a person from achieving gains in auditing and can inhibit a person from achieving a full resurgence of a state validly attained. It has been found that a person is unauditable while under the influence of a drug. He won't make gains. Also, drugs often produce lingering effects which affect the person and have a definite inhibiting influence on a person's auditing progress until they are handled. And it isn't only the more notorious drugs like LSD or angel dust which have these effects. Common medicines such as aspirin and novocaine (to say nothing of alcohol) can mess a person up, too.

Even though there may be a period during which the person feels good or "high" from taking drugs, after the drug wears off the person ordinarily feels worse than before the drug was taken.

Drugs cause portions of the Reactive Mind to come in on the person and cause him to reexperience incidents out of his past. They sometimes also cause the person to hallucinate, which means to see things that aren't there.

So, when a person is on drugs, what gets recorded in his mind is a combination of present time events and possibly hallucinations and other incidents out of his Reactive Mind.

Drugs can ball up a person badly. Because they scramble things around so, drugs can make it very difficult for the person to think clearly. They can also make a person seem dull and stupid.

In auditing it can be very difficult for a person who has been on drugs to fully contact actual incidents or parts of incidents in the bank due to the person's ability to do so being shut off by drugs. In his auditing he will not then be able to spot the source of those things which have undesirable effects on him.

A person can become so confused by the effects of drugs he has taken that when he looks for something in his bank there doesn't seem to be anything there at all! This can make the person think he has no Reactive Mind to audit. Of course, that is not the case. The actual fact is that the effects of drugs have shut off the person's ability to perceive and handle the bank. Another thing that can happen as a result of drugs is that the person can become stuck in a "drug high", which means that the person is under the influence of a part of his Reactive Mind that was recorded when he was feeling the euphoric effects of drugs.

This can cause him to "feel great" and feel he "has no problems" or "can't see anything so there must be nothing there". Again this is simply the effect of drugs shutting off the person's perception of his bank.

A fact we have come to learn in Scientology is that a person will not make the full gains available to him from auditing until the effects of the drugs he has taken are handled.

Fortunately, we have a program to handle this.


It has been found that drugs can remain in the body after the effects have worn off. These drug residues can sometimes circulate through the system long after the person has taken the drug and make the person feel as though he were again "high". Drugs and other residues in the body, from our chemically oriented society, can prevent a person from realizing his full potential as a Spiritual Being through Scientology.

Through a program known as the Purification Rundown, the restimulative effects of these drug residues and other harmful substances can be eliminated.

The program consists of exercise, heavy sweating in a sauna, vitamins and other nutrients, good food and plenty of rest. The drug effects can be resolved through the exercise and sauna and the person's system can be built back up by the vitamins and this can put him in a position where he can really make gains in auditing.

In Scientology we are interested in you, the Spiritual Being. Treating bodies is not our business. We are interested in helping people become more aware and spiritually free. The Purification Rundown assists this purpose by helping the person handle the harmful effects that drug residues in his body can have on him spiritually.


After the person has successfully completed the Purification Rundown, his potential for increased awareness of the world around him can be greatly enhanced.

There is another step which helps make this potential a reality. It is also the next step in handling the harmful effects of drugs on the individual. This remarkable level is called the Survival Rundown.

The Survival Rundown consists of a whole series of very important auditing processes as well as other actions and drills which have worked wonders in the lives of many people. The way the Survival Rundown works is this: it gets the person into present time and in control of his body and in good communication with the things of his environment. It also works to un-fixate a person's attention from the body where, for some, it may have been stuck for some time.

On the Survival Rundown there are processes which get the person in touch with the world around him and which reacquaint a person, newly purified from the Purification Rundown, with the physical universe and get him causative over it. There are drills which improve the person's understanding of communication, increase his ability to communicate and raise his level of intention.

These drills are followed by a highly workable series of processes which further increase the person's control of his body and surroundings, further increase his ability to communicate with his surroundings and other people and increase his ability to have things for himself. The person's causativeness over specific physical universe objects and his ability to span his attention over wider and wider portions of the environment are also addressed and increased.

At this stage of the Survival Rundown, there are actions which lead to a greater understanding of physical universe relationships and their organization.

The gains up to this point in the Survival Rundown are considerable when thoroughly done. Then, with the person's self-determinism and control over the environment at higher levels than before, these increased abilities are focused on the person's work and living areas.

The result of this is better personal organization and a great aid in accomplishing the things one decides to accomplish. If a person is able to produce valuable products in his life he will be happier and have high morale. Such a person has a high potential for survival indeed!

All these actions, plus further drills to enable the person to handle everyday life situations, bring the person to the EP of the Survival Rundown which is "Feeling in Present Time and able to control and put order into the environment. Greatly increased survival potential. "

Truly, this is a rundown which anyone can benefit from regardless of case level. We live in uncertain times in an uncertain world. But an individual can do something about his own survival, and the Survival Rundown is the most workable answer.

After a well done Purification Rundown and Survival Rundown, further auditing a person receives can go more quickly and smoothly and the gains can be much greater than auditing received before doing these rundowns.

Handling the harmful effects of drugs is a vital step in any person's quest for spiritual freedom and so the Purification Rundown and Survival Rundown must be considered a standard part of the Bridge for anyone.

These basic steps of the Bridge and those that follow them, will lead you to the states of Clear and OT and the attainment of these is something I very much want to see every Scientologist in the world achieve. Good luck!

Illustrations by the Research and Technical Compilations Unit
Approved and accepted by the BOARDS OF DIRECTORS of the CHURCHES OF SCIENTOLOGY