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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- DofP Operates by OCAs (CSS-071) - B711219

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Директор Процесинга Работает с Помошью ОАС (Серия КС 71) - Б711219
- Начальник Отдела Одитинга Работает на Основе Тестов ОСА (Серия КС 71) - Б711219
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo CS Series 71


A Director of Processing is a Director of Processing of cases.

All his functions are involved with this. He must understand his title and what its duties involve.

It is his job to get people processed.

To do this he has to know (a) what people there are to be processed, (b) how much processing they will need, (c) what facilities can be maintained and expanded to get processing done and (d) to see that the processing is paid for and occurs.

The DofP does not have to be a C/S or to know C/Sing.

All he has to know of tech is how to read an OCA, IQ, Aptitude and other tests.

He does not even have to open a folder. If all he ever looked at was a pc’s OCA (Oxford Capacity Analysis or by some other name) the DofP would win every time.

If the DofP considered his job as “To raise OCAs with paid for processing and to be sure the pc is happier” he would be performing his duties.

To raise OCAs one has to know how to “read” an OCA. That’s easy. It says how right on its border. Unacceptable, Needing Improvement, Desirable, etc.

An OCA with any point on the left side of the graph in low or undesirable range means the pc is out of valence. Any low point on the right side of the graph means the pc is crazy.

If the graph is not in the desirable range and the pc happy and looking better, the HGC has not done its job yet.

The DofP goes wholly on the idea of more auditing when he wants to raise a graph or IQ.

It’s not up to the DofP what is audited only that auditing is done. The C/S, if he knows his business, will say what is audited. The DofP just knows more auditing.

A DofP can tell by the OCA improvement and improvement of tone and appearance of the pc and what the pc says in an interview whether the required high quality result has been achieved. If it has not, then it’s more auditing.

The registrar can have very similar functions as to graphs and where there is no DofP the registrar must do these things.

A DofP who has a backlog is a dog. It means he isn’t getting auditors or recruiting Academy students or getting people to Auditor Interne and isn’t being by definition a DofP.

If there is an “ARC Broken field” look at the DofP. He didn’t see that the OCA was raised and that the pc was happy before he left the org.

A good DofP has a potential processing line of every OCA ever given by the org.

He is in the business of raising graphs and making people happy with their auditing in paid volume. If his HGC isn’t turning out 700 well done hours a week, he’s failing. If he is, he’s a success. If he turns out more, a second HGC is needed.

The traffic cop is the DofP.

He has to know what traffic he will have and what traffic he does have.

He can be defeated by a poor registrar, a poor C/S and a poor Qual. Therefore he has the right to demand these people get hatted. But he only has the right if he himself is hatted and doing his job. Given that he can demand Comm Evs.

If a DofP exists, knows his job and does it an org will become prosperous.

The first thing he has to know is the meaning of his title.

The second thing is that his job is getting OCA graphs raised in paid for volume.

(By current US rates a DofP should be running at least a$17,000 cash gross of auditing through an HGC each week to be considered a competent DofP.)

Any “field ARC Breaks” is a direct reflection on the DofP. He didn’t raise graphs and see people were happy before leaving.

During periods when the post of DofP was empty or “not on the org board” or not filled, the org has slumped.

The post is very important.

It is also a very simple, direct post.

Its duties are covered in C/S Series 25 along with others. But his use of the OCA is not listed there.

Procurement of auditors is currently the weakest point of a DofP’s duties. Without this he cannot deliver volume. I have known Ds of P to train auditors themselves to have auditors and others to train Academy Graduates after the course to have quality.

There are no limits on what a DofP can do –

So long as he is Directing Processing and raising OCAs in paid volume.