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CONTENTS Dirty Needles
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Dirty Needles

If your pc has a dirty needle, its cause is cut ITSA or an L1 session ARC Break.

No other source such as a wrong Item or goal or earlier engrams or service fac by-passed charge can cause a dirty needle.

If it’s a dirty needle its cause lies in basic auditing not in technique errors.

This rule is invariable. The apparent exception is the session ARC Break that keys in by-passed technique charge.

Example: PC has a wrong goal. Session ARC Break caused by cleaning a clean on the meter. This keys in wrong goal. Auditor does an L4 ARC Break Assessment over a dirty needle, finds “wrong goal”. PC brightens up a bit. Auditor thinks he has found all the by-passed charge but actually continues session with a somewhat gloomy pc whose needle occasionally gets dirty. The session ARC Break was left in place. This makes the auditor think a wrong goal can cause a dirty needle. The heavy charge keyed in (and that had to be gotten fast) was the wrong goal. But the session (L1) ARC Break caused the dirty needle.

An auditor whose Basic Auditing is poor (who Qs and As, cuts Itsa, invalidates or evaluates, or who misses meter reads on rudiments or prepchecks or cleans cleans or misses withholds) can be spotted by his pc’s dirty needle. It’s an invariable sign.

If the pc has a dirty needle the Basic Auditing of the auditor is bad.

That auditor ought to put one of his sessions on tape and listen to it and analyze it as per the earlier HCO Bulletin.

Oddly enough, an auditor could run perfect technique on goals and yet be so poor in basic auditing that the pc is always ARC Breaking. This would be spotted by the pc’s chronically dirty needle.

You may see a dirty read on a pc while listing something or assessing. This means nothing as long as it is a dirty read. A dirty needle, of course, jitters all the time.

By their pcs’ needles you can know them.