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RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Трудный Кейс - Б690524
- Тяжкие Преступления в Дианетике (ДИАН) (2) - Б690524-2
- Тяжкие Преступления в Дианетике (ДИАН) - Б690524-2
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Remimeo Dian Checksheet


Dianetic Course Supervisors can expect up to 20 percent threatened course failures because of „case failures“ meaning the student’s own case.

If a student has no gains himself he is unlikely to be able to audit well.

In HGCs, given Standard Dianetic Auditing, anything up to 25% of the pcs will not resolve on Standard Dianetics alone.

The reason for this is that in Standard Dianetics one audits without „Rudiments“. Thus you get the pc coming in with life ARC Breaks, Present Time Problems and Missed Withholds.

The answer is to send the preclear to a Scientology Review for a „Green Form“ (GF).

If the person comes back to Standard Dianetic Auditing and still has a hard time of it or gives the auditor a hard time or gets sick, send the person back to a Scientology Review with this instruction:

„Give Green Form to F/N and then assess No. 40 GF and handle. “

The Class VIII will take it from there.

This should reduce course failures and HGC case failures down to the very small percentage of those who are there for other reasons than learning or receiving auditing.

Thus, unless the cases are handled these percentages of 20% and 25% may occur.

Students don’t have cases. But failed students do.


Handling the OT Case can be very tricky. Any one of these can give the auditor trouble. But it is usually nothing much to handle unless the OT is what we call a „False III“. This is somebody who gaily went up the grades without doing them. You don’t have to know more about it than that.

Thus if a person who is OT is giving trouble being audited on Dianetics it’s better to turn him or her over to a Class VIII for routine handling on Scientology.

Any OT who has somatics is auditable on Dianetics which he should have had in the first place as he was using Scn grades to get rid of his headache! Or some somatic.

If the „OT“ isn’t auditable on Dianetics then he’s a problem for a Class VIII and not a very tough one either.

To the HDG this is not very complex.

Audit the „OT“ on Standard Dianetics. If it works okay just carry on until he’s rid of his somatics and turn him over to Qual when he’s okay.

If it doesn’t work, then cease Dianetics and turn him over to Qual who will get the thing straight by the usual Class VIII remedies.

That’s all you have to know about OTs in Dianetics.