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Dianetics is Dianetics and Scientology is Scientology.

They are separate subjects. They have in common certain tools like the E-Meter, TRs and auditor presence. But there it ends.

Dianetics addresses the body. Scientology addresses the thetan. While a thetan can produce illness, it is the body that is ill.

Thus Dianetics is used to knock out and erase illnesses, unwanted sensations, misemotion, somatics, pain, etc. Scientology and its grades are never used for such things.

Scientology is used to increase spiritual freedom, intelligence, ability, to produce immortality.

To mix the two has been a very bad error.

Dianetics came before Scientology. It disposed of body illness and the difficulties a thetan was having with his body. This was a Present Time Problem to the thetan. In the presence of a PTP no case gain results (an old discovery).

When a thetan has body discomfort or upset solved, he could then go on with what he really wanted which were the improvements to be found in Scientology.

Mixing the two practices in any way produced and will produce no real case gain. Scientology grades will only occasionally get rid of body ills and Dianetics will not achieve real spiritual freedom.

Used within their own areas they both each one separately achieves that for which it was intended. Dianetics can make a well body, Scientology can make a recovered thetan.

So you don't use Scientology remedies or Scientology Case Supervisor procedures to run Dianetic sessions. High Tone Arm, ARC Breaks, etc are not even considered in Dianetic Auditing.

Dianetics was researched in 1932, '38, '45, '48, '49, '50, '51, '52 to name the principal early years. It was redeveloped in 1962 and '63 when I made R-3-R discoveries and re-released. And it was finally realized as per this HCOB in 1969 after further research.

I found that Dianetics had been forgotten for a dozen years and was being given a light brush-off as a course and that auditors and pcs were trying to use Scientology grades to handle body ills such as headaches, chronic somatics and so on.

Man's usual PTP is his body. So if one gave him gold ornaments he'd try to use them to cure his aches and pains.

Thus Dianetics was forgotten and unused and Scientology was being made to attempt cures. Thus they were, both subjects, busily being made to fail to some degree.

Dianetics as it now exists is so simple, so elementary and so broadly applicable to the body that it requires a real effort to complicate it or make it unworking. Keep the two separate in both application and use.

Recognize them as two entirely distinct and separate subjects with widely different uses.