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Remimeo Dian Checksheet


The world before Dianetics had never known a precision mental science.

Man has used mental knowledge in the past mainly for control, politics and propaganda.

The word “psychology” in the popular usage is synonymous with “getting around” somebody.

In the thousands of years before 1950 there were many philosophers and much knowledge was gathered in the field of logic, mathematics, electronics and the material sciences.

However, due to ideologies and political conflicts, little of this prior knowledge was ever applied to the field of the human mind.

The scientific idea of regarding as a truth only that which could be demonstrated with a result was never really applied to the mind.

“Researchers” in this field were not fully trained in mathematics, the scientific method or logic. They were interested mainly in their own private ideas and in political Targets.

As an example, the only “schools” of psychology taught or followed in the West were Russian and East German.

The primary school was that of Ivan Petrovitch Pavlov (1849 — 1936) a veterinarian. Every school child and university student was required to study Pavlov in one disguise or another. The burden of Pavlov’s work is that man is an animal and only works through “conditioning”. The Western nations overlooked the fact that this work had already destroyed several countries including Czarist Russia, that Stalin had made Pavlov write up his work in the Kremlin in 1928 in order to permit the control of men. Using the mental studies of an enemy is a very dangerous thing to do.

The West at that time was run by only the “very best people” and possibly it pleased them greatly to think that the masses they controlled were only animals after all. That this also made them animals did not occur to them.

Billions of dollars were appropriated by parliaments and congress to subsidize men to “better control” their animals.

These men had no idea of healing anyone or helping anyone. Riots and civil disorder were the only product they achieved.

Dianetics was released straight into the teeth of these heavily subsidized Barons of the Mind with their “it takes 12 years to make a psychiatrist” and “authority states” and “any effort to interrupt this monopoly must be stamped out at once”.

Psychology and psychiatry were state (government) subjects, pushed by the “very best people”.

They could not make their way on their own because they were contrary to the public morals and customs. The public actually wanted nothing to do with them.

In mental institutions torture, permanent damage and death were the order of the day, on the basis that it did not matter if one killed people as they were just animals anyway.

So the public was on the side of Dianetics (and later Scientology) and the governments were on the side of the “very best people”.

Press, controlled by governments and intelligence services and the “very best people”, lied endlessly about Dianetics (and Scientology).

Dianetics, a new valid mental science, was pitted against Russian and Eastern European teachings.

Dianetics is not only the first mental science developed in the West, it is the first mental science on the planet that uniformly produces beneficial results.

Man is being subjected to fantastic and violent efforts to lure or crush him into docility. This is the obvious end product of Russian and Eastern European technologies now heavily financed and supported, unwittingly, by Western governments.

Man’s response to this is riots and civil disorder in the universities, unions and streets. Man does not accurately trace the source of his oppression. He is violently worried.

The government response has been more millions to psychologists and psychiatrists to develop new means of control and oppression. What has not worked in the past is not likely to work in the present or the future.

Czarist Russia, the entire Balkans, Poland, Germany and many more Eastern European countries have already perished trying to use the work of Pavlov, Wundt and others. The entire West, having “bought” the same governing ideas, is now in turmoil and is perishing in its turn.

Dianetics refuses to be a revolutionary activity. It does not have to be. All it has as a mission is to get itself applied.

The basic building block of a society is the individual. From individuals groups are built. And this is the society. No society is better than its basic building blocks.

Men are not animals.

Well men are sane men.

Dianetics, if applied to individuals in the society, brings hope, well and sane beings.

These well and sane beings, sent on to Scientology, then become brilliant and very able beings.

We are evolving Man to a higher state.

In this state he can better handle his problems.

We are not trying to overthrow anyone. We are not revolting against anyone. In truth we can even make the fancied “very best people” into actual very best people.

Dianetics was first conceived in 1930 and the developments of 39 years have gone into producing Standard Dianetics.

Dianetics: The Original Thesis was published in 1949 in manuscript form. It was copied in various ways, hand to hand across the world. Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science was published in late 1949. Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health was published May 9, 1950 and has since sold millions of copies.

In the early ‘50s new discoveries concerning the spirit brought us into Scientology.

But Dianetics was never lost sight of and every little while I would push it further ahead toward a fast, easy, 100% workability.

The present release of Standard Dianetics is a near final product.

If done exactly, it produces good, permanent results in only a few hours of auditing.

One can train a Dianetic auditor in Standard Dianetics in from 10 days to a month at the most, with an average of about 2 weeks.

These are very, very worthwhile advances and Standard Dianetics is almost as great a breakthrough in 1969 as the Original Thesis in 1949. Hundreds of thousands of hours of search and research have gone into it.

Dianetics has progressed from the pre-Dianetic period of no science of the mind, to the existence of a real science of the mind, to a fast accurate science simpler than any other scientific subject and of more value to Man.

All this advance has been very hardly won, without government billions, in the teeth of avalanches of lies and opposition.

The subject owes no allegiance to anyone but itself. It has no commitments to anyone. It has no politics. It belongs to those who use it.

It is the only game in the universe where everyone wins.

Let’s keep it that way.