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RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Дианетика и Саентология на Других Языках - Б711121
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue I
Remimeo Important
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Tape Course Series 2

Dianetics and Scientology in Other Languages

(HCO Policy Letter of 11 May 1971 Reissued as an HCO Bulletin)

Tapes and book translations of Dianetics and Scientology are being made into other languages than English.

It is necessary to know the minimum materials an org in a non-English speaking country would need to function.

It is not enough to have one book published. It creates a demand for services. The demand for service must be met. An HAS Course in the language is not enough since it is not income producing. Thus the org could not survive financially. It must survive financially to deliver the service.

Even in a total socialism the service would have to be given.

Giving service depends on an org having the means of training auditors who can audit well and establishing the organization. Then the org could audit preclears as well as train more auditors.

If the auditors who are trained can audit well, they will produce excellent results and public repute will spread.

An org must produce to survive. By production is meant training auditors who can audit, auditing pcs to a good result and making money, or in a total socialism, obtaining adequate support in ratio to production.

If an org just teaches an HAS Course or tests people, it will not be able to survive for it will not be able to obtain enough funds or support. For this it is vital to train lots of auditors and audit lots of pcs.

Without its staff knowing the basic data of organization, the org will have difficulties in giving service. The technology of administration is important.

Thus we get the minimum materials in the language vital to an org’s survival:


The book Dianetics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health printed with hard covers in the language is vital.

When members of the public read it and take an HAS Course they want training or processing or both.

This book placed in bookstores, advertised in magazines, and sold by Field Staff Members and the org itself not only reaches the public but also in hardcover form pays for its own distribution. As a paperback it does not pay for itself.

To this add testing materials printed in the language for intelligence and personality testing and their marking directions.


Recorded tapes and tape players in the org to play to individuals in classes is the easiest form in which to deliver data.

From such tapes students may take notes.

As time goes on the tapes will be transcribed and the material printed or mimeographed. (This is not to be done by the individual orgs.) It will be found however that tapes will always be necessary even when some is printed as the volume of data is very great.

Students should not be permitted to print copies of their notes and sell them as time has shown that such notes are not accurate enough and spread errors that show up in training and auditing failures.

In reviewing, a student must be sent back to the original, not to his notes, so he can correct his notes and get the data accurately.

Nearly all no-results are traced to altered data or poor training of the student, which amounts to the same thing.

The minimum list of tapes is:

1. Mini Course Supervisor Hat

2. HAS Course

3. HDC Course

4. Academy Courses Levels 0 to IV

5. Original Thesis

6. Notes on the Lectures

7. Hat of a Scientologist

8. Staff Status I

9. Staff Status II

10. A Translated Org Bd


Given these bare essentials and teaching them well and using them will give an org sufficient survival to deliver results.

If every bit of the above is known and used by a staff they will not have too much trouble.

Set up and functioning and solvent, an org can then think about further materials.

Class VI, a Class VII, a Class VIII and a Class IX Course materials on tape should exist in a Saint Hill org in the language of that country.

For the org itself a Volume Zero of the OEC Course should exist on tape.

After that the full Course Supervisor’s Course should exist.

Then further books such as Dianetics ‘55!, Science of Survival and The Creation of Human Ability should come out as tape and then in published hardcover form.

The full OEC should now be acquired on tape.

The full Study Tapes should be to hand.

The org will now be ready to use all the FEBC series and the FEBC tapes.


The hardest idea for an org staff to get is the idea of production in terms of auditors trained who can audit, pcs audited to excellent results and money or support produced to keep the staff members and the org solvent.

Because of this it is best for 2 or more bilingual executives to attain full FEBC training.

However, with the above minimum materials fully studied and in use, an org can survive until it is ready to prosper.


Note, at this writing many are working hard to complete the listed materials. They are not yet available in all languages.

There is only one other type of item needed by an org and that is the E-Meter. Supplies of these must be arranged for. A country running in very high volume will probably manufacture its own meters against an exact prototype under existing international patents.


It will be found in all countries where Dianetics and Scientology and orgs have been successful that a key part of the success was keeping the subject “on source”.

The public at once distrusts persons or groups who alter the materials or “use some of them” or attribute them to others. This is quite factual and the public is right.

All great and lasting successes have been made by orgs that were on source and whose materials were straight and correct and used that way.