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CONTENTS DIANETIC REMEDIES A. Past Life Remedy B. The Anaten Pc – Dopes off in Session – High TA
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
(HCO Bulletin of 5 June 1969 Revised)
Remimeo Dianetics Course Class VIII


A. Past Life Remedy

Actually, there are 3 ways of getting a pc to run past track incidents in Dianetics.

1) For a pc that does not run incidents or somatic chains back to basic, in past lives, you would list „What pains, somatics, sensations, unwanted emotions or attitudes would make one unwilling to go earlier that this life?“

You get the best reading item, check for interest and run the item by R3R. You reassess, if pc has not gone earlier than this life while running first item from the list, get the next best reading item, check for interest and R3R.

Somewhere along the line, the pc will go earlier than this life, and that is the result of this first action.

2) Children

Some children respond positively and successfully to the above remedy. However, children are very burdened cases. They speak of „remembering“ all the time. They say they can’t go backtrack „because they don’t remember. “ They don’t seem to take it from pictures. Contrary to psychology theories, LRH has found children in very rough case shape, nervous, frightened, griefy, etc. They are stuck in the books and movies they see. They run very shallow, which means they F/N too easily and they run incidents very close to PT.

The easiest ways to unburden cases is by:

1) Contact processes (CCHs etc.)

2) Recall.

The second way to unburden a case, on children, has been tested at Flag on pcs who had been running, for 2 months, Dianetics very shallow. The actual action was performed by an VIII as follows:

1) Fly all ruds — use suppress and false.

2) Assess Auditors — Auditing — Dianetics — Scientology — Preclears — Past Lives — Time — Erasure.

3) Prepcheck any item that reads twice.

4) Run each leg of ARC SW Triple way, to F/N. Clear the commands well.

The pcs run on the above action, unburdened tremendously, there was a lot of TA action observed, and they cognited either on Prepchecking or on Recall that the actual way to look at past lives was to look at the pictures that flashed to view when they were being run on the above action! And there we had pcs running incidents at 1800 and 1600 etc, …! Right away!

After the above action has been performed, the Case Supervisor would send the pc to Dianetics for a new HF and there you have a pc running on Dianetics very successfully, winning all the way.

3) Children again

There exists also a category of children that have fear from going into Past Lives, even though they had been run on the 2 above remedies, they still did not make it.

You would list that type of pc as follows:

“What pains, sensations, unwanted emotions, or attitudes would make you not want to look at earlier lives?

You get the best reading item, check for interest and run R3R on that item, and somewhere along the handling of the list made, the pc will look at the pictures that he doesn’t recognize easily, can’t date, etc. The Dianetic Auditor handles those inabilities, premature of course, as per Standard Dianetic procedure, and off you go with a pc looking at pictures of earlier lives, cogniting and winning and F/Ning on erasure of incidents with VGIs!

B. The Anaten Pc – Dopes off in Session – High TA

The handling of the pcs or pre-OTs that fall under the above category, even though they were well rested before session, consists of three ways:

1) The Case Supervisor sends the pc or pre-OT to a Dianetic Auditor who would list:

„What pictures or masses have you touched in life or in auditing that have been left unflat?“ The Dianetic Auditor would get the best reading item from the list, gets the somatic or pain, or sensation or unwanted emotion or attitude that goes with that picture or mass, makes sure that it reads well, and he would follow down to basic and erasure that item that read with the picture or the mass, by Standard R3R.

The list is reassessed and is exhausted as above.

When the above action is performed, the TA of that PC or pre-OT will come back to its normal range, i.e., between 2 and 3, and the pc brightens up as the list is handled.

2) There are some PCs or pre-OTs that keep talking in Dianetic or Review Sessions about „this huge automaticity of pictures coming in, faster and faster. “ They also dope off somewhat in session and they are somewhat hard to get an F/N on. The Case Supervisor would send such PCs or pre-OTs to a Dianetic Auditor, who would list:

„What pictures have you seen in Auditing?“ The list is handled exactly as in 1) above. And the results are exactly the same as in 1) above also.

3) The final handling of such PCs and pre-OTs is performed in Review. The Case Supervisor would issue the following C/S:

a) GF to F/N

b) Assess for:

The C/S here would vary the assessment list, add if necessary, in accordance with what the pc or pre-OT motivates from.

c) Itsa Earlier Itsa to F/N on each reading line, taking up of course the hottest line on down.

4) When the above actions are performed, you will have a PC or pre-OT who will have no other chance to fall asleep while being audited, and there will be more wins than losses.

This HCOB gives a Case Supervisor 6 Remedies that have been all tested and resulted in the most successful ways. It develops Dianetics Technology and shows how Scientology Reviews back up Dianetics, in different areas.

Belkacem Ferradj
Flag C/S