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RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Ошибки в Дианетических Списках (Серия КС 59R) - Б710914R78
- Ошибки в Дианетическом Списке (Серия КС 59R) - Б710914R78
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Remimeo Also Dn Text CS Series 59


It can happen that a Dianetic list of somatics, pains, emotions and attitudes can act as a list under the meaning of the Laws of Listing and Nulling as per HCO B 1 August 68.

The most violent session ARC Brks occur because of list errors under the meaning of Listing and Nulling. Other session ARC Brks even under withholds are not as violent as those occurring because of listing errors.

Therefore when a violent or even a “total-apathy-won’t-answer” session upset has occurred in Dianetics, one must suspect that the preclear is reacting under the Laws of Listing and Nulling and that he conceives such an error to have been made.

The repair action is to assess the prepared list which corrects listing errors. This is L4B — HCO B 15 Dec 68 amended to 18 March 71.

It is used “On Dianetics Lists _____” as the start of each of its questions when employed for this purpose.

When a pc has not done well on Dianetics and when no other reason can be found the C/S should suspect some listing error and order an L4B to be done “On Dianetic lists _____“ at the start of each question.

Each read obtained on the list is carried Earlier Similar to F/N as per HCO B 14 Mar 71 F/N Everything or, preferably the list is found in the folder and properly handled in accordance with what read on L4B.

All Dianetic Lists can be carried to an item that blows down and F/Ns.

This does not mean the item found is now wholly clean. Even though it F/Ned it can be run by recall, by secondaries and by engrams as found in Class VIII materials. It is usually run by engrams, triple, R3R.

A C/S must be alert to the fact that

(a) Extreme upsets and deep apathies are almost always list errors.

(b) That a Dianetic List can be conceived to be a formal list and can behave that way.

(c) L4B is the correction list used in such cases.

Very few Dianetic lists behave this way but when they do they must be handled as above.