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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Dianetic Erasure - B710327

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Дианетическое Стирание (ДИАН) - Б710327
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Remimeo Dianetic Checksheets


There are several corny stunts that can occur in Dianetics, any of which will add up to no F/N.

1. Trying to run an item that didn’t read on being given or when being called. As the chain is not charged it will be hard if not impossible to run. BD items are of course the very best and almost always erase very easily.

2. Starting a new session with a new item with the TA way way up. To play it safe in Dianetic auditing (it can be handled in Scientology) the Dianetic auditor who starts a session and a new action at the same time with the TA high is very foolish. It may not be high on what the auditor is now newly trying to run. The correct action is not to start the session. Just end off with no auditing done. When the TA has settled down on another day (3 days to 10 days later) begin your new action. The pc is ill or is having trouble in life. If you were running a chain in the last session and continue it in the next, disregard the high TA. A way to get around this is get some new items from the high TA pc and take one that blows down well and you can probably bring it off. Safest is don’t audit a high TA pc unless to repair an unflat chain (or to run Exteriorization RD). This rule is variable. But you should know it is risky to audit a new item taken from an earlier list when the pc comes into session with a high TA as it may not be high on what you are about to run and so you may get no F/N. The only remedy is to get new items and choose a BD one (or to turn the pc over to a Scientology auditor to assess a Hi-Lo TA list and handle).

3. Running a narrative item can lead to no F/N. (A Narrative Item describes only one possible incident, i.e. “dropping an ironing board on my foot” = no chain = possible no F/N.)

4. Running a pc who has exteriorized in auditing on something other than an Exteriorization RD will produce a high TA and no F/N in the session. After Ext RD has been run anything can be run.

5. Probably the WORST blunder is failing to ask for ABCD again when the pc says “It’s erased” but the TA is still high. This is really a corny error. TA 4.9. Pc says, “It’s erased! All blank now,” and the auditor fails to ask ABCD once more. There is a moment when the pc’s NOT-IS of the picture squeezes it into invisibility. The mass of it is still there. It takes just one or two more passes to get the BD and F/N. It’s up to the auditor not to let the pc go without that additional ABCD. Then the BD and F/N happen with Cog and VGIs. This error is more common than one would think.

6. Failure to ask for the Earlier Beginning will also cause a long grind (ABCD over and over) and no F/N.

7. Of course, not asking for an Earlier Incident mentioning the same item will also cause a grind and no F/N. When the item isn’t also mentioned in the command the pc can jump chains. And if the Earlier Beginning is not asked for at all of course there will be no F/N.

8. Auditing a pc under protest will cause the TA to stay up and no F/N.

The skilled Dianetic Auditor knows these things cold and does not make these errors. Thus he gets his end of session F/N regularly and gets F/N at the Examiner as well when the case has had a few sessions.