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CONTENTS DIANETIC ASSISTS The Use of Dianetics to the Medical Doctor
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Revised 14 May 1969


(Include in Medical Series)

The Use of Dianetics to the Medical Doctor

There is everything to be said for correct medical treatment in the handling of the sick and insane.

"Insanity" is most often the suppressed agony of actual physical illness and injury.

To "treat" this agony with shock and "brain operations" is a Nuremberg type offense and is indictable as mayhem or manslaughter.

The medical treatment of "insanity" requires sure awareness by the patient of his whereabouts and present time. These are usually quite unbearable so he has sunk into the past to escape the agony of the present.

The TOUCH ASSIST given to such injured persons permits healing to occur by restoring the person to the present and his whereabouts to some degree.

Healing after medical treatment might not occur rapidly if the "insane" or chronically ill person remains in the past, unable to confront the present.

Thus the touch assist speeds and often permits healing after medical treatment and sometimes in minor injuries and illness permits the doctor to accomplish healing without further treatment.


The touch assist done as described elsewhere brings the patient's attention to injured or affected body areas. When attention is withdrawn from them, so is circulation, nerve flows and energy which for one thing limits nutrition to the area and for another prevents the drain of waste products. Some ancient healers attributed remarkable flows and qualities to the "laying on of hands". Probably the workable element in this was simply heightening awareness of the affected area and restoring the physical communication factors.

The CONTACT ASSIST is remarkable when it can be done. The patient is taken to the area where the injury occurred and makes the injured member gently contact it several times. A sudden pain will fly off and the injury if minor lessens or vanishes. This is again a physical communication factor. The body member seems to have withdrawn from that exact spot in the physical universe.

The restoration of awareness is often necessary before healing can occur.

The prolongation of a chronic injury occurs in the absence of physical communication with the affected area or with the location of the spot of injury in the physical universe.

The AUDITING ASSIST is done by a trained auditor using an E-Meter.

It consists of "running out" the physically painful experience the person has just undergone, accident, illness, operation or emotional shock. This erases the "psychic trauma" and speeds healing to a remarkable degree if done properly.

In addition to assists there is Dianetic auditing of an acutely ill person which handles the current and past illnesses and injuries by erasing the "physical trauma".

The last is a skilled activity. Practitioners who have the idea such things do not have causes will of course fail to locate the causes.

A sickness can be composed, let us say, of a headache, a nausea, apathy and weariness.

Such a sickness may be bizarre, without medical reason.

By first getting the patient to find and say what shock occurred when the sickness began, getting when, and getting it recounted, the "illness" will lessen, the emotional state will alter — called a "release of affect".

By then finding an earlier similar instance and getting that one dated and recounted a further release of affect may occur.

If the good indicators, smiles, etc, do not occur in the patient, one again asks for an earlier incident, dates it and gets it recounted.

The phenomena of "floating needle" on the E-Meter should not be bypassed on a physically sick person. If it occurs, regardless of when, and the patient is smiling and suddenly free from symptoms, one at once desists with further auditing on that subject and at that time.

If no floating needle and a full release of symptoms occur, one then traces back the remaining symptoms. Let us say the headache is now gone due to recounting times of emotional duress. But the patient is still slightly nauseous. One traces the nausea to earlier or other incidents. It will vanish when found and dated.

The apathy vanished somewhere along the way but weariness remains. One traces the weariness to another or other incidents.

In short one handles each manifestation of the bizarre illness until all symptoms are gone and the patient is happy and cheerful.

Needless to say all this requires a skilled auditor but the skill can be acquired in a Dianetic training course.

The important thing is not to tell the patient what caused it, but to let him tell you. Otherwise the symptom suppresses.

The approach in any of these assists is quiet, gentle, permissive, never forcing the patient, speaking only the words required to do the process.

The temporarily insane by reason of emotional shock, where no medical illness exists, should be permitted rest and should then be handled by an assist as above or normal Dianetic auditing. Most often, rest and no further harassment result in a return to sanity in a short time such as a few days, but not in a terror atmosphere such as a psychiatric asylum where the patient is in the risk of being hurt or killed. Electric shock prolongs the condition and brain surgery is of course not treatment but murder as at best it deprives the person of his coordination and at worst shortens his life. The occasional and rare brain tumour is of course an exception but this is a medical not a psychiatric matter, no matter what manifestations the person exhibits. Most medically ill people do exhibit symptoms of mental derangement at some stage of their illness.

The acceleration of healing of medical illness or injury such as broken bones or the aftereffects of delivery or operations can be accomplished by the Dianetic auditing of the resulting trauma soon after full medical treatment or attention. The improvement factor is about ⅓ the normal time of recovery by some thousands of test cases.

Such auditing is done by a usual Dianetic procedure.

In addition to the above assists there is regular Dianetic auditing which handles chronic discomforts and prevents future illness as well as improving the state of well-being of a person.

The mechanisms of the mind revealed in Dianetics are of great use to the field of medicine.

They are easy and quick to apply.

About one month's training is all that is necessary to acquaint an otherwise educated and intelligent person with the fundamentals and skills necessary to assists.

Considerably more time of course is necessary to train a skilled Scientology auditor, but this is not the subject of this paper.

There is no conflict of interest between any healing profession and Dianetics. Dianetic materials and papers are fully available.

There is a conflict between Dianetics and political practices such as psychiatry since electric shock, brain operations and general degradation of the person may prevent the patient's recovery by Dianetics.

As answers exist now for insanity there is no reason to continue Medieval or Fascist solutions to the problem of the psychosomatically ill or the insane and we are doing everything in our power against fantastic opposition to end the torture and killing of the insane regardless of the politically "desirable" ends envisioned by some groups.

Dianetics, like any other true treatment, like aspirin or penicillin, was originally designed to handle the apparent basic cause of psychosomatic illness. The first research was intended to help allied prisoners of war degraded by the Japanese and Chinese prison camps and who after VJ day were transferred to Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. Later, in 1954, in a much more advanced state of development, Dianetics was successfully employed to eradicate the results of allied prisoners of the Korean war who had been subjected to Russian brainwashing. The subject has been improved, made easier to teach and apply and its results bettered continually over a total period of 29 years. It has in 1969 been fully updated as Standard Dianetics. It is very successful and is in very broad use over the world.