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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Depth Perspective (ART-13) - B840225

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Перспектива (Серия ИСКУССТВО 13) - Б840225
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The subject of depth perspective applies to filmmaking and photography as well as to art and design.

Perspective means the art of conveying the impression of depth and distance; representation of scenes as they appear to the eye by means of correct drawing, shading, etc. (Funk and Wagnall’s Standard Dictionary of the English Language, International Edition)

The following are the eight types of perspective:

1. Depth by aerial perspective. Distant areas go hazy; near areas go sharp.

2. Depth by color. Warm colors appear to advance while cool hues recede from the observer. All colors appear to have their relative distances according to the background against which they appear.

Darker and lighter of the same color, even if different shades, is not a point of depth perspective.

3. Depth by linear perspective. There are two other factors which give the illusion of space. One is illumination. By making an object recede and diminish as it goes back, one gets an illusion of space depth.

The other is perspective by which parallelisms of lines are plotted to withdraw to a common point of infinity “behind” the picture. These lines are always drawn in to converge at this preselected infinity point. This point may be within or outside the frame of view but it is always “behind” the picture within it or to left, right, above or below it — but always at an infinite distance away from the viewer. Perspective can actually be plotted and drawn in with a ruler from the infinite point forward and it will give the planes, lines and lack of parallelism to rectangles, etc.

4. Depth by light.

5. Depth by light as shadow.

6. Depth by solidity. Solidity of shapes is different than shadow actions. The solidity itself is special. A thing can be drawn to be solid. Then one can add perspective. Shadows are closer to illumination.

7. Depth by focus. Things when quite near are sharp. Things that are far are a bit blurry. Sharp sun gives you sharp detail. In photography, for soft focus, put a little spiral of Vaseline in the middle of the lens.

8. Depth by lateral movement.

This is the first codification of these as distinct types of perspective.