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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue II
Remimeo CS Series 46


It is the C/S's responsibility that a pc or Pre OT is sent to Declare?

This is not an Admin point I'm making. It is a technical point.

Every so often a pc is found hung up in not having declared and attested the state attained.

A Declare completes his cycle of action and is a vital part of the action.

One never forces or feeds one to the pc. I recall one org where the entire tech and income structure crashed, the C/O and several personnel had to be removed because they were forcing "clear cogs" on their Dianetic pcs who hadn't had them (and then telling them they couldn't be audited further on Scientology) (Connie Broadbent, ASHO, March '70).

So this goes two ways.

The pc or pre OT who knows he made it must be sent to exams and C&A to attest.

The pc or pre OT who hasn't made it must never be sent to exams to declare and attest.

This gives us a third:

Pcs and pre OTs who haven't made it must be handled until they have made that specific declare, even though it means signing up for more auditing.

Truth is the keynote, the essence, the point here.

All the "PR" (slang for promotional talk) in the world will not supplant truth.

The pc knows he made something. Therefore he must be sent to declare it whether it's a standard grade or not!

The pc who hasn't made it knows he hasn't and so when forced to declare or ordered to attest tends to cave in.

His concept of the validity of the org and honesty of Scientology depends on this, and really on this alone.

The correct declare or not declare decision of the C/S is a vital C/S action.