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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- De-Certification, How You Should Support It - B600522

HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex HCO BULLETIN OF 22 MAY 1960


The Cancellation of an Auditor’s certificates is a measure taken by HCO when these conditions exist: (a) The auditor has consistently refused supervised processing; and (b) the auditor has committed anti-social acts liable for prosecution under criminal law; or (c) continues to associate with a de-certified auditor and balk efforts of HCO to bring the person into an HGC for auditing.

Wild tales and rumours are often spread by a person who has been de-certified and his “friends” to prevent the public from recognizing the truth of the action. That truth is: HCO is trying to get somebody to have auditing that is effective before he irrevocably harms himself, and that HCO has evidence of criminal activity or association.

Support HCO’s efforts to get auditors in for supervised processing when they have gone wrong. You can assist HCO by doing the following: (a) Realize that the whole “punishment” by HCO consists of getting the auditor to have processing that is effective and at very low rates, (b) realize that HCO has evidence of criminal actions or association when the certificate is “pulled” and (c) support HCO’s efforts to keep certificates in clean hands and the repute of Scientology beyond reproach. If they don’t believe Scientology will help them, why are they auditing?

Please assist HCO to make auditors keep their code. Don’t buy auditing from de- certified auditors. Don’t pay bills to de-certified auditors (they have no right left to sell processing for money). Force them in to the HGC where we can care for them. Very few get de-certified. But they do all the public damage to Scientology. In HCO we have to choose between two overt acts:

  1. An overt act against the offending auditor by de-certifying or
  2. An overt act against you, the public and Scientology by ignoring their anti- social actions.

In HCO we always choose 1.

Many are the cunning rebuttals and tales put out by an auditor whose certificate has been pulled. Just remember when you hear them that the person putting them out refused auditing for a long time before he lost his certificates and that HCO has evidence of criminal activities by that person it is not publishing. We don’t “pull” two certificates a year in all the thousands around the world. Help us keep it low by making our demand that offenders get audited, where we can supervise it, stick. It’s only kindness. When we don’t get them to an HGC they sometimes die, sometimes ruin their lives, and they hurt all of us. Back HCO so HCO can back the honest and the good.