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DCSI Delivery Course Checksheet All AOs, St. Hills and Cl. IV Orgs qualified to deliver DCSIs LIMITED DISTRIBUTION Dianetic Clear Series 15



The revision of the Dianetic Clear Special Intensive was extensively piloted on a variety of cases, from those with relatively little auditing and training to those who had done OT Levels through OT IIIX and were classed auditors.

Several of these have been compiled and written up and will be of interest to auditors and C/Ses delivering DCSIs. The data and handlings contained in them in no way supplant tech references for auditing, C/Sing or handling of cases. To fully handle cases one needs to know HCOBs, tapes and Dianetics and Scientology books.

Studying these case histories will provide one with an understanding of why revisions in the DCSI were necessary. Furthermore, they serve to illustrate points of caution in the Intensive, but more importantly, they give an idea of the results that will be obtained through standard application of the materials.


Case Data: No Grades, had done Purif and Survival Rundown. Had had a DCSI previously but was later found to be reading on a botched DCSI and so was put onto the DCSI pilot. Had attested to „natural Clear“ after his first DCSI.

Results: This case points out very well the importance of doing a thorough FES and Folder Study before doing the DCSI (or any auditing, for that matter).

The SCN C/S-1 step was omitted because the PC, it was thought, had a good grasp of auditing and its procedures. The Special Assessments did not reveal too much and the PC didn’t have much come up on the former release rehabs. On the Date/Locate of Clear, the PC couldn’t come up with the point he went Clear. The PC also originated confusions on the Time Track. At this point, it was realized the PC had MUs so the SCN C/S-l was done which went very smoothly. The D/L of Clear was then attempted again, but still to no definite resolution of the point when the PC went Clear.

Finally, using the old reliable datum of „when all else fails, do what Ron says,“ a thorough FES and Folder Study was done. This Folder Study revealed that the PC had actually had his Clear state fully rehabilitated in his first DCSI many months earlier. Some later errors on the case after this successful DCSI resulted in the PC doubting his Clear state. This had all been missed because a proper FES and Folder Study hadn’t been done before the PC was started on this second DCSI.

The case immediately began to come right when it was indicated to him that the second DCSI was an unnecessary action and when the Eval and Inval were cleaned up on his Clear state. Then the point of resurgence from his first DCSI was rehabbed to a good result. Next, the errors made on the case after his first DCSI were cleaned up and the PC has been doing very well since.

Proper and full FESes and Folder Study are vital before doing a DCSI on any case, which this case history illustrates very plainly.


Case Data: PC felt he was Clear but hadn’t had a DCSI to verify this. Had received Life Repair and had done the Purif but not the SRD or a Drug Rundown or any Grades. Light drug history.

Results: This case appeared mysterious until the actual case state of the PC was established.

The FES and Folder Study showed the PC’s Method 1 Word Clearing to be incomplete and some signs of out-Int as well as PTS sits with his family. Prior to starting the PC was sent to the MAA to handle the PTS situation. Later in the intensive further PTS handling was needed and this was done to a good result.

Preliminary case handling was done which consisted of an Int RD Correction List (PC had had End of Endless Int handling earlier), a C/S 53 and a WCCL on his Method 1 W/C, all of which went well. The Scn C/S-1 went smoothly with wins and cogs for the PC.

Doing the Special Assessments uncovered a Whole Track incident that the PC was stuck in. Most of the reads on the Special Assessments went back to this incident, which the PC never seemed to be able to clearly itsa and despite several sessions of auditing addressed mainly to it, this incident was not resolving.

At this point the folder was sent to the Snr C/S who did a full folder study and discovered that the PC was an overwhelmed case who was actually below the level of being able to answer subjective auditing questions and who easily dived into figure-figure and significances in session. This explained why this „incident“ continuously came up but never resolved.

The proper case gradient for this PC to have been on was Objective processing so with a proper non-invalidative R-factor the PC was routed off the DCSI and gotten onto the correct case action, the Survival Rundown.


Case Data: PC had attested to Dianetic Case Completion and a while after that had had an interview on the subject of Dianetic Clear because she had originated she might be Clear. After this interview she attested to natural Clear. This was before the release of the DCSI in 1979. PC had gone on to do the Purif and Objectives but had not had a DCSI and was eager to get one. PC had a very light drug history. Note: PC had been audited last lifetime and she had commented on this earlier.

Results: As in Case History #1, this case is very interesting for the reason that it points out the liability of an inaccurate or poorly done FES and Folder Study.

The steps of the intensive went very smoothly until the Date/Locate of Clear was attempted. On the D/L several dates and random dates came up which required a sort-out. The apparency by session end was that it had been sorted out successfully and the D/L completed.

Because of the mistaken notion that a Floating TA had to be obtained on the D/L step (which isn’t correct — a Floating TA will often be seen to accompany full resurgence of Clear but it does not always occur), the folder was sent to the Snr C/S on the case who did a thorough and accurate FES and Folder Study. He discovered that the FES done earlier was incomplete and faulty as it did not cover the real errors on the case.

The Snr C/S went back to the last time the PC was doing well in her auditing and spotted that no real case advance had been made by the PC and that she had mostly received patch-ups which didn’t accomplish much. Many cramming and corrective actions had been done to resolve troubles the PC had been having on post and she had been put onto incorrect case actions as well, all of which started the PC thinking there must be something wrong with her when the truth was she had been mis-programmed as a case and mishandled in cramming. Further, she had had a full resurgence of her Clear state in her earlier interview (before the DCSI was first released) and folder evidence showed her to be unmistakably Clear. The DCSI she received was an unnecessary action.

As always, when the correct bug is found on a case, any great mystery the case presented instantly dissolves and the case begins progressing. This case was no exception. The bypassed charge of the incorrect auditing and cramming actions was indicated to the PC and charge and inval were cleaned up. The PC had an immediate resurgence in auditing and in life. She once again felt great like she „used to feel. “

Further sessions cleaned up charge on her post, ethics actions, cramming, etc. which went to an excellent result.

The PC is now moving up the Bridge, doing extremely well in auditing, on post and in life which is, of course, to be expected when Scientology is correctly applied.

A common error in all three of the case histories described is lack of a proper and accurate FES and Folder Study which resulted in actions being done which did not parallel the case. All three cases came right almost instantly when the correct bug was addressed. Of course, time had to be spent tearing through folders to find the bug. Was it worth it? Ask the PCs!

Proper Folder Study and accurate case estimation are vital to auditing success.


Case Data: This PC had a very heavy drug history — hashish, pot, cocaine and LSD, all taken many times. The PC had done the Purification Rundown. He had stated that he was Dianetic Clear and had earlier been given a DCSI after which he bad attested to Clear. The PC then did the SRD and successfully completed it.

Results: A thorough FES and Folder Study revealed that there was nothing in the PC’s folders indicating that he actually was Clear and that the earlier DCSI had been done over misunderstoods. The PC didn’t understand auditing particularly well and had MUs on Scientology, the Mind, Clear and other states. During his first DCSI he stated he was natural Clear.

The PC was first given a full Scientology C/S-1, which he enjoyed doing and which had his interest. This cleared up his basic MUs.

Next the PC was discovered to have out-Int so he was given the End of Endless Int Rundown. The PC said that this was an amazing action for him as he did not realize that it applied to him until a few MUs were cleared in session.

As a result of the End of Endless Int, his perceptics improved, his comm lag straightened out and he blew a lot of circuitry. The PC had had trouble with pictures at first, but this straightened out and he came up to being able to concentrate and hold his attention on pictures. He ran progressively better and better as a PC and had a lot of wins on the rundown. At the end he felt secure and calm in or out of the body. He was more composed and collected as an individual and felt „positively great. “

The Special Assessments were then done and revealed that the PC had his attention on his first DCSI which had been brief and the PC hadn’t felt as good as he thought he should have at the end of it.

On Special Assessment A, „Former Therapy“ was reading, so this was run on recalls. A number of recalls concerning other practices and drug taking came up and the PC cognited on why he had gotten into drugs.

(It should be noted that the PC was obviously stuck in drug engrams as they came up repeatedly in his auditing.)

On Special Assessment B, some eval, inval and verbal data on the subject of Clear came off. It turned up the fact that the PC did not feel good about his earlier DCSI. The PC had wondered how he „could have gone so far down“ in his life if he was a natural Clear. The PC felt he was Clear, not natural Clear, and stated that he felt free and unrepressed.

The Rehab of Former Releases was done next, rebabbing many in life“ releases for the PC. PC’s comment at exams following this action: „I feel good. It feels kind of like walking on a cloud. “

Yet, there was no evidence voiced by the PC during either of his DCSIs or contained in the PC’s folders that he was Clear. Rather, all the evidence pointed to the fact that he was not, and that he was quite stuck into pictures and had some difficulty with them.

Therefore in his next session the PC was acknowledged for his wins on the DCSI and was informed that he hadn’t attained the State of Clear at this point and that he would be programmed so as not to be denied any of the gains on the Grade Chart.

The PC knew this to be true but felt a loss of status and went into a grief charge. An L1C was gone through several times and this cleaned up the charge, with the PC feeling good about the action.

The PC’s Success Story reads as follows: „I have just completed my DCSI. I have found out that I am not Clear so this was in some respect a loss for me as I had an earlier DCSI where I thought I was and was validated as being Clear. So this was like a negative gain. I say a gain for it opens me to getting all the gains of being Clear through receiving all the steps required and the gains attainable through auditing to Clear. My auditing was the best I’ve received and I would like to thank my auditor for using standard tech. Also my thanks to Ron for keeping the Bridge there. “

The PC was programmed onto his correct action and has done well since.


Case Data: PC had been given a messed up DCSI earlier, after which she had attested to natural Clear. Had had Quad Dianetics and Triple Grades through Grade 4. PC had also done Purif and Objectives (though not the SRD). After her Clear attest, she, had voiced Q and A as to whether she was Clear (which can happen after quickie, brush-off actions).

Results: The PC needed no preliminary case repair so the auditor went right into the Scn C/S-1 after flying the PC’s ruds. This went well and rapidly as the PC had had a fair amount of auditing. This step did ensure that the PC did understand the terms and the auditor and C/S both knew that the rundown wouldn’t be done over misunderstoods.

The Special Assessments disclosed charge on her first DCSI due to auditor evaluation of the PC’s case state which confused the PC later and obscured the actual point when she had gone Clear. Inval from others and self-inval were also cleaned up and after several sessions the PC originated that she had dropped a valence she had been carrying around „like a brick oven“ and that she felt more herself and more in control than she ever thought possible.

On the rehab of former releases the PC rehabbed a big release in auditing in her last life and in doing this she blew even more confusion generated by the auditor in her first DCSI (through that auditor’s eval). In the next session, more former releases were checked for but no more needed rehabbing and the PC ended with a Floating TA.

In the next session the auditor reviewed the Date/Locate procedure with the PC to ensure there were no MUs on it. Then the point where she went Clear was successfully D/L’d.

The earlier eval from her first DCSI had been removed so the PC could now actually spot the exact time when she had gone Clear (in last life auditing). The previous auditor’s evaluation that the PC was a „natural Clear“ had obscured the actual point when the PC achieved Clear in her last life. Needless to say, the PC was very pleased with the results of this DCSI. Her Success Story reads: „This auditing was absolutely superlative. I am free and feel fantastic!!! Thank you, C/S, auditor and most of all LRH for giving me back what I once had. “

Number of Sessions: 8 Total Time - 3:13


Case Data: Had attested Dianetic Clear previously though had not had a DCSI. Had a lot of self-inval on it afterwards. No Grades, but had done Purif and SRD and had had a PTS Rundown to good result.

Results: PC had just recently completed a review and repair of her past auditing so no preliminary case repair was needed.

On the Scn C/S-1 the PC cleaned up very basic MUs on such terms as „Clear,“ „picture“ and „erasure. “ Cleaning these up resulted in excellent wins for the PC and she now understood trouble she had had earlier as a PC. The biggest areas of charge handled on the Special Assessments were her earlier Dianetic auditing and self-inval about her Clear state. After this was handled the PC was now able to spot that she had had a hidden standard on what Clear is and she saw how this was causing trouble for her.

The next day the PC told the auditor about a cognition she had had after the previous session, to the effect that she had seen that she had False Data and a hidden standard on Clear and she had spotted where her self-inval had come from and it blew. The PC was exterior with a dial wide F/N and VVGIs so the auditor ended off. This was obviously the resurgence being sought and signaled the EP of the DCSI. The PC was sent to declare the completion of her DCSI.

In her Success Story the PC wrote: „This has been a very needed and wonderfully stabilizing action for me. “ Some weeks later she originated a report stating how her life had changed from the DCSI and how she had never been so stable before. In this report she wrote:

„Quite simply I feel more stable and safe and at peace with myself than I’ve ever felt in this life and probably many prior to this.

„That is it in plain English. Don’t underestimate that as it is no small thing. It is a very very MAJOR STABLE WIN. And for that I am infinitely thankful, as I needed it.

„This has given me more power to hold my position in space and keep my own integrity in and my willingness to see what is to be seen is much more effortless than ever before. On all my dynamics this action has proven to strengthen my rightness as a being and that has strengthened me.

„Thank you all who played a part … for my rightness and my strength. I feel this is a basic which has been missing for a very long time and has also been needed badly for a very long time. “

Number of Sessions:9 Total Time - 7:13

This case is illustrative of the value of a well done C/S-1 and cleaning up all the inval of the state of Clear. With these handled this case experienced a full resurgence of her Clear state and has been doing extremely well on post and in life since.


Case Data: This PC was OT IIIX and had done the Clearing Course. He was also a Class V auditor. He had a lot of attention on when he actually went Clear and wanted this sorted out.

Results: This PC had just finished a review and was doing well in life. The DCSI steps were done which went well but not much turned up until Special Assessment B. On this assessment some invalidation of Clear was cleaned up and the PC spotted exactly when it was that he had gone Clear (it was on his Expanded Dianetics). This was accompanied by many cognitions about his case and why he’d had headaches and a tremendous resurgence of his Clear state. He said he felt „life was coming back to his body. “ His perception improved and upon originating this he had a Floating TA. He cogged he could feel his body now and realized that it had been numb. The auditor ended with the PC VVGIs and a Floating TA.

Correctly, the PC was then sent to declare the completion of his DCSI.

This result is quite spectacular actually and gives one an idea of the power of auditing standardly done.


All these cases ended up winning. Standard Tech carried the day in every case. The results on these are very good and it is my hope that you achieve similar results and wins on your own PCs who need Dianetic Clear Special Intensives.

(Case Histories compiled by Research and Technical Compilations Unit) BDCSC:LRH:RTC:bk