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The bank is composed of things. Thing that have mass.

These things are GPMs, Reliable Items, Locks on GPMs and Items, Implants, Implant Reliable Items, Locks on Implants and Implant Items, and goals of the thetan with or without Items and GPMs attached.

A GPM has mass, actual mass. It has density, weight and size. It can be measured. A Reliable Item has mass, and size.

Implants, Locks, and Actual Goals of the thetan have mass.

This mass is caused by by the suppression of the things by the thetan.

Only non-implant GPMs and RIs have any aberative value on the thetan. The others are merely confusion factors.

The bank is composed of these masses and nothing else.

When a GPM or RI or RIs or GPMs are pulled out of line by restimulation, and brought into present time, they impinge upon the body. When this happens in auditing we say the pc has the “creak”; when this happens in life the doctors say “he has an incurable case of lumbosis”.

When one of these masses is restimulated out of line, the thetan then has a mass bearing down on him. A large, ugly, heavy, black mass. Mass that brings pressure against his body. Mass that tries to inhabit the same space the thetan is inhabiting with his body.

And when two or more such masses may get restimulated - OW! Restimulation of these masses all the time in life.

Auditing is handling these masses all the time - no matter what level of auditing it is!

When you are having a pc simply talk about his like and liovingness (as with R1C), or you are doing R2C Slow Assessment, or you are doing R3SC, or an R4 Case Analysis - any one of these - you are handling the masses of the bank - GPMs, RIs, etc. The pc is looking at these masses no matter what you are running.R4M2 is the only technology which as-ises or gets rid of these masses on the pc in any combination. Not only could a pc get the “creak” but the “croak”. Now, since the bank has it’s own snarled up ares in it, from life restimulation, already, any auditor is going to make errors running R4M2, when he runs into an already snarled up area of the bank. If the auditor is trained in R4M2, he will know how to unsnarle the bank, and correct his error.

But the auditor who is not trained in R4M2, does not know how to unsnarle an already snarled bank, and who attempts to run R4M2, will run into a snarled area, make mistakes and these masses will fall in on the preclear.

Result, pc with the “croak”. (Good way to make MDs rich perhaps).

So the point is: no matter what you are doing with the pc, no matter what auditing technique you are using, you are handling and having the pc look at (itsa) the masses called GPMs, RIs, etc.

And as long as you don’t try to run these masses out (if you are not trained in R4M2) but run R1, R2, or R3 techniques, your pc will get better and better and won’t “croak”. Stick to auditing levels I, II, III until you have been trained in R4M2.

You’ll get plenty of charge off, and make keyed-out clears. And the pcs will be happy.

Another point is that a pc cannot be run on R4M2 unless he knows what a GPM, an RI, etc, is anyway. R4M2 is for educated pcs.

OTs are made with R4M2 - when run right.

Dead Thetans can be made with R4M2 - run wrong.

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