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HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex HCO BULLETIN OF 10 OCTOBER 1960 BPI Central Orgs Post copy HCO Secs Assn Secs


Two weeks ago tomorrow I arrived in South Africa to review and assist the situation.

The Central Org in Johannesburg is amongst the best we have and Scientology interest is way up in South Africa.

Further, I am fairly sure now that in South Africa we have a starting point for broader activities. Our first action here is to put in a magazine for newsstand circulation. Another magazine for native consumption will probably follow.

It has become obvious to me that we must seize or create communication lines if we ever hope to advance rapidly. Newspapers and governments have been our stumbling blocks. Therefore we recently created a Dept of Govt Relations in each HASI. Its job is to get comm lines out and help governments.

All such activities will be handled under HCO which is just now attaining limited status. We should be able to acquire a few millions worth of public comm lines in the coming years.

The problem of South Africa is different than the world thinks. There is no native problem. The native worker gets more than white workers do in England!

Russia wants South African diamonds and gold, oil and uranium. Russia starts trouble here whenever she can. The South African government is not a police state. It’s easier on people than the United States government!

The South African government is under raid by Russia. Radio broadcasts slam in here nightly trying to incite riots. The South African govemment is dismayed because it can’t believe anybody — like Russia — could tell so many lies.

We, as Scientology, are in good shape here. As a lasting tribute to Peggy Conway’s early work, that of other auditors, and in particular Jack and Alison Parkhouse, the South African organization is strong and able and good friends with everybody. That makes it an ideal springboard.

With magazines, radio and TV stations we are going to consolidate here and move north with action.

If you look at a globe of the world you can trace our most direct forward thrusts. By using similar patterns of approach we will eventually get to every other country, consolidating each in turn.

Your area is on our work list. Your job is to hold your area and support our forward push until we get to you. The advance has already begun here and by that we have already started in your direction.

This jump-off coincides with a wrap-up of cases. I am also writing new texts for a new Basic Course any auditor can teach. This will, by about next April, be a requisite for HPA/HCA. An ms. edition will first be available from HASI South Africa and printed editions will be available to you in your area sometime later. The book is called: The Anatomy of the Human Mind. It’s the first large book since 1951.

In South Africa we are shaping up properties and comm lines to the value of several million pounds. I have often said our subject would go as far as it worked. It is now working thoroughly. It will go anyway. But we are backing its thrust hard. Did you ever try to control a pc with no comm line? We won’t control society without one either.

I am personally getting along fine. The Org here is wonderful. We have a lovely home. Mary Sue and the children will be here soon.

Have patience and support our push. We have only one major problem. Who’s to be Assn Sec for Moscow?