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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- CSing a PTS Rundown (CSS-076) - B720417

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- КС-ование ПИН Рандауна (Серия КС 76) - Б720417
- Кейс-супервизирование ПИН-Программы (Серия КС 76) - Б720417
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo CS Series 76



The whole point of a PTS Rundown is to make a person not PTS any longer.

The point is not to just run some processes. It is to have a person all right now.

To really understand this rundown, one would have to know what PTS is in the first place and why one was doing the rundown.

This would apply to the auditor as well as the C/S.

PTS means Potential Trouble Source. It means someone connected to a person or group opposed to Scientology.

It is a technical thing.

It results in illness and rollercoaster and is the cause of illness and rollercoaster.

When you do a PTS RD on a pc correctly he or she should no longer be ill or rollercoaster.

But this includes the person handling his PTS condition in the real universe not in just his bank.

An auditor and C/S must see that the person is:

(a) Handled properly in HCO or by the DofP if HCO isn’t there so that the person handles the PTS connection itself. (SEE Hco PL 5 APRIL 72, “PTS Type a Handling”.)

(b) Do the RD correctly (see reference HCO Bs above).

(c) DofP Interview the person after the RD is “complete” to be sure the person is now all right (not PTS).

(d) Watch the person’s folder for any new signs of illness and rollercoaster and if these occur find out what was missed by assessing PTS RD Correction List. (See HCO B 16 April 72.)

(e) Handling the PTS RD Corr List.

(f) Re-interviewing to be sure the person is all right now.


Anyone handling or auditing or C/Sing PTS cases should have done the Pack “PTS, SP TECH” Pack 1 & Pack 2 which are based on HCO PL 31 May 71 which is the checksheet for available tech and policy on this subject.

To this checksheet (HCO PL 31 May 71) must be added these issues:


The hardest thing to get across about a PTS situation is that it is the reason for continued illness and rollercoaster (loss of gains).

The condition does exist. It is in fact common.

We do have the auditing tech to handle now.

The material has to be applied correctly just like any other material.

The reason we do the rundown is not to do some sessions or sell some auditing or just explain why the person is like that. We do the rundown so the person will no longer be PTS.

The (EP) End Phenomenon of the PTS RD is attained when the person is well and stable.

As a C/S you must put a yellow tab marked PTS on a PTS PC Folder that stays on until the person is no longer PTS.

If you do not do this there will be about 25% of your pcs or more that you will be in continual trouble with! Because you will be C/Sing auditing for a person who is PTS, will be ill, will rollercoaster because the person has NOT been handled to EP on being PTS.

These people, by the way, will tell you, “Oh, I’m not PTS.” “But your father is suing the org.” “Oh yes, I know, but it doesn’t bother me. Besides my illness is from something I ate last year. And I rollercoaster because I don’t like the Examiner. But I’m not PTS.” The mystery is solved when you find they haven’t a clue what the letters mean or what the condition is, so give them a copy of HCO PL 5 Apr 72 and let them read it. If they still want to know more give them HCO PL 23 Dec 65. (Remembering it has to be Word Cleared Method 4 or he won’t have a clue even if he reads it.)

We are on no campaign to rid the world of suppressives when we are handling a PTS pc. But facts are facts and tech is tech.

In handling a PTS person as a C/S you are on a borderline of policy violation unless you make the person do what it says in HCO PL 5 April 72 first. That handles the situation itself. Then you can handle the person with the PTS Rundown.

It is a great rundown. Like any other it has a standard way of going about it.