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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Criminal Mind - B810915

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Definition: A criminal is one who is motivated by evil intentions and who has committed so many harmful overt acts that he considers such activities ordinary.

There is a datum of value in detecting overts and with­holds in criminal individuals:

The criminal accuses others of things which he himself is doing.

As an example, the psychiatrist accuses others engaged in mental practice of harming others or worsening their condition yet the majority of psychiatrists maim and kill their patients and by record, in all history, have only worsened mental condi­tions. After all, that’s what they seem to be paid to do by the Government.

The psychologist accuses others of misrepresenting what they do and lobbies in legislature continually to outlaw others on the accusation of misrepresenting but there is no psycholo­gist who doesn’t know that he himself is a fake, can accomplish nothing of value and that his certificates aren’t even worth the printing ink. The psychologist goes further: He educates little children in all the schools to believe all men are soul­less animals and criminals so that when the possible day of reckoning comes and the psychologist is exposed for what he is, the population will not be the least bit surprised and will consider the psychologist is „normal. “

The psychologist accuses others of sexual irregularities when this is, actually, his entire profession.

Jack the Ripper of English fame who gruesomely murdered prostitutes now turns out to have been a medical doctor and was undoubtedly of enormous assistance to the police in pointing out „the real murderer. “

The FBI agent or executive accuses others of graft and even sets up „abscams“*[ Abscam (sometimes ABSCAM) was a [] [ scandal] in 1980. An FBI [ operation] led to the arrest of members of Congress for accepting bribes. The FBI set up Abdul Enterprises, Ltd. in 1978 and FBI employees posed as [ Eastern] businessmen in videotaped talks with government officials, where they offered money in return for political favors to a non-existent []. Much of the FBI operation was directed by the experienced Melvin Weinberg. It was the first major operation by the FBI to trap corrupt public officials; up until 1970 only ten members of Congress had ever been convicted of accepting bribes. On [ 2], 1980 reports surfaced that FBI personnel were targeting members of Congress in a sting operation. The media dubbed the operation Abscam after the name of the company.] to manufacture the crime. But an FBI agent regularly pockets money supposed to be paid to informers and then screams to protect informer sources that do not exist.

The FBI agent is terrified of being infiltrated and accuses others of it when, as standard practice, he infiltrates groups, manufactures evidence and then gets others charged for crimes his own plants have committed.

The FBI acts like a terrorist group posing as law enforce­ment officers. Their targets seem to be legislators and congress and public individuals who might someday have power over public opinion such as Martin Luther King, Jr.

From all this we get another datum:

The criminal mind relentlessly seeks to destroy anyone it imagines might expose it.

You have to be very alert when criminals are around.

J. Edgar Hoover, who organized the present FBI and is still deified by it — they have his name in huge, brass letters on Washington D.C. ’s biggest thoroughfare — and that town doesn’t even have the names of former Presidents up in lights — has been shown by subsequent records to have been a black­mailer and traitor to his country. He carefully, personally, sat on the information for four months that Pearl Harbor was going to happen. Right up to the US entrance into World War II he was autographing his photo for pals in the deadly German SS. He even sacked an FBI agent (Tureau) who dared to catch some German spies.

Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and the Government form a tight clique. Only the Government would support such people as the public hates them.

From all this we get another datum:

Individuals with criminal minds tend to band together since the presence of other criminals about them tends to prove their own distorted ideas of man in general.

It is not true that where any person accuses another of a crime the accuser is always guilty of the crime or that type of crime. But it is true that when a criminal is doing the accusing it is more than probable that the criminal is disclos­ing his own type of crime.

Apparently they add it up this way: „If I accuse him of robbing, then it would be assumed by others that I have not robbed a bank. “ By loudly voicing a condemnation of a crime, the criminal, with a crooked think, supposes people will now suppose he is above bank robbery and won’t suspect him.

Groups like psychologists who declare as fact that all men are criminals are of course just dramatizing their own inclinations.

People assume that others have their own case. The psychologist pushes his own case off on the whole world.

Anyone researching in the mind should be very aware of this point and be sure not to do it. Subjective reality seems to them to be the only reality there is, for such people are too introverted to really know the minds and motivations of others.

When working with the criminal, one can get a very good idea of that person’s own mental state by getting him to say what other people want and do or are guilty of.

It is inconceivable to the criminal that anyone could possibly be decent or honest or do a selfless act. It would do no good whatever to try to convince him for he knows all men are like himself.

Thus one gets another datum of value:

The criminal only sees others as he himself is.

One of the reasons he does this, of course, is to justify injuring others. Because everyone else is useless, worthless, criminal, an animal and insane, why then, he reasons, it is perfectly all right to injure them.

Thus we come to another datum:

The criminal is not much benefited by the giving off of current withholds and is not likely to reform because of this.

One, therefore, has to get down to the basic evil inten­tions as in Expanded Dianetics.

There is another approach in that same area of technology which is finding what act the person really can take responsi­bility for. It is a gradient approach.

The criminal is basically so subjective that an auditor will find, in the short run, that improving the reality of such a person is needful before any effective, overall improvement is obtained through pulling withholds.

Thus TRs and 8-C and even ARC Straight Wire are indicated as first steps. If these are done, and as responsibility rises, expect that overts could begin to pop up almost of their own accord.

It is interesting that if a criminal were to face up sud­denly to the enormity of his crimes he would go into degradation and self-destruction. Thus a gradient scale is definitely indicated.

As the person has more R (reality) he can take more responsi­bility and only then with pulling withholds can he have any real benefit.

This HCOB is simply some data on the criminal mind that might help.

At the very least it should give some understanding of why some individuals insist with such apparent conviction that all men are evil, why all men are insane, why all men are criminals.

And it also tells you how silly it is to try to argue with them. Who’s there?

The criminal mind is a bitter and unsavory subject. The percentage of criminals is relatively small but the majority of grief and turmoil in the world caused by criminals is a majority percent. Thus the criminal mind is a subject one cannot avoid in research as it is a major factor in the distor­tion of a culture.

It is a mind like any other mind but it has gone wrong. It is motivated by evil intentions which, even if idiotic, are greater than the possessor’s ability to reason. The criminal, even when he seems most clever, is really very, very stupid. The evil intentions get dramatized by senseless overt acts which are then withheld and the final result is a person who is more dead than alive and who faces a future so agonizing that any person would shudder at it. The criminal, in fact, has forfeited his life and any meaning to it even when he remains „uncaught“ and „unpunished“ for in the long run, he has caught himself and punishes himself for all eternity. No common judge can give a sentence as stiff as that. They know down deep that this is true and that is why they scream with such ferocity that men have no souls. They can’t confront the smallest part of what awaits them.

When you understand what the criminal mind consists of you can also understand how ghastly must be the feelings or lack of them with which the criminal has to live within himself and for all his days forever. He is more to be pitied than punished. Neither bold nor brave, for all his pretense, he is really just a panicky, whimpering coward inside. When he bares his breast against the bullets, he does so with the actual hope that he will be killed. But of course that doesn’t save him. He’s got an eternity of it left to go. And his scoff of any such data hides the whimper for he knows, deep down, it’s true.

Thus we have another datum:

The criminal, no matter what harm he is doing to others is also seeking to destroy himself. He is in protest against his own survival.

If you have to work with criminals in pastoring, recognize what you are working with. He can be helped — if he will let you near him.

Fortunately, there are still a lot of decent people left in the world.