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As you know, the basis of a reactive mind is creativeness done below the level of consciousness.

The source of all engrams is the pc who creates a picture of the incident below his level of knowingness and recreates it into a “key-in”. He uses the engram to warn and restrain himself, but this as a solution to trouble is a faulty one. It might have cured trouble once but like all cures became itself a new trouble.

In 1957-58 we attempted to handle this before we had HELP flat-flat-flat. Step 6, used then, made the whole bank toughen up, if HELP was unflat.

If a person is in any valence, he is victimized by his own creation. To produce or create anything is to invite a toughening of the reactive mind.

If HELP is flat on numerous terminals and if the E-Meter no longer reacts to help questions of any kind, the person is Mest clear. Only now is it really safe for any auditor to handle the subject of create.

Several things reduce the toughening up of a reactive mind due to aberrations concerning creation. Chief amongst these are alternate confront in any form, particularly general. Responsibility processes also reduce the bank’s heaviness. Havingness also takes the edge off a bank. And of course help on terminals reduces a heavy or thick bank. Therefore Help, alternate confront and havingness are the keys. Responsibility is less workable in early stages since the pc is usually in some valence and when he says “I could be responsible for....” he means “Valence could be responsible for....” which runs in fact irresponsibility, not responsibility, since valence, not pc, is responsible.

There are some ways to run “create” in early stages before help is wholly flat on other terminals. Best of these subordinate methods is “What creation have you helped?” “What creation have you not helped?” One that is pretty high but sometimes works well if the person is not in a valence is “What creation could you be responsible for?” (Combination suggested by Dick Foster.)

O/W on other people’s creations is not very good but very spectacular. Using create with alternate confront (“What creation could you confront?” “What creation would you rather not confront?”) is of course workable.

Enough people are coming up toward or have arrived at Mest clear now that you had better have the next stage.

I would advise help and not help on creations until the needle is floating with no reaction to questions of any kind on them. Alternate confront on creations and havingness should still be used as in help.

But first be sure help is flat on all terminals including the thing the person came into Dianetics or Scientology to help and also flatten help on every terminal that has been contacted or run on O/W processes or any help process first. Then you can try the above.