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THE Co-Audit Team

The running of a co-audit team as done on a staff theta clearing course, as done on staff and at home by Scientologists, can be either a very trying and unsuccessful activity or it can be a wonderful success, depending on whether it is done wrong or right. A fine example of this is the old time inability of a large percentage of husband-wife teams to succeed. But even a husband-wife co-audit team can succeed these days and come out clear if they follow the rules laid down in this bulletin.

Co-audit teams fail not because either partner is unwilling but because they dive into the deep without preparing the weather in advance.

The first requisite of any co-audit team is to thoroughly prepare the auditing climate and keep it repaired. This is true of any new team, no matter what either member of it did on any old team.

Therefore co-audit procedure must do the following before any cases are tackled:

Audit alternate sessions (not alternate intensives).

Run as the first process to be flattened:

“What have you done to me?”

“What have you withheld from me?”

and they run this every time the ARC breaks stack up.

Assess the case with an E-Meter as to whether Dianetics and Scientology on one hand or the sex of the auditor on the other hand get the biggest fall on the meter or change on the tone arm.

This action determines whether Dianetics and Scientology or the sex of the auditor get run first. They are both to be run. All we want to determine is which to run ahead of the other.

Find one or more terminals that represent Dianetics and Scientology. Run each (the one with the biggest meter reaction ahead of the rest) on “What have you done to (terminal)?” “What have you withheld from (terminal)?” Run them all. Run only until each one is relatively flat and only as long as the pc has ready answers. Check them all over again.

Running the sex of the auditor must also be done. If the auditor is a woman then run “What have you done to a woman?” “What have you withheld from a woman?” If the sex of the auditor is male then run “What have you done to a man?” “What have you withheld from a man?”

All the above must be clean as a whistle before one tackles a case. So making sure of the above, no matter how many hours it’s devouring, will give wins all the way.

Every session one handles all the rudiments.

“Is it alright to be audited by me?”

If not let’s get into O/W again and clean up Dianetics and Scientology again.

“Is it alright to be audited in this new environment?”

If not, get off the overts and withholds on the environment — finding some terminal that represents it as a general terminal.

“Do you have a present time problem?”

If so get it out of the road by two-way comm if possible, picking up the overts and withholds and guilt on the terminals involved. But don’t handle PTPs endlessly and skip other auditing.

“What goal would you like to set for this session?”

Buy the goal the pc sets so long as it’s real to him. Don’t force pc into the auditor’s goals or goals unreal to pc.

When one gets down to the pc’s case the auditor does a dynamic assessment and finds where the tone arm is moved by one or another of the dynamics. If the tone arm (not the needle) is moved by a dynamic, then using the needle motion, find the hottest terminal that represents that dynamic and run overt/withhold on that terminal. When this is flat, do another whole dynamic assessment. Find a terminal that represents that dynamic and run it. And so on. Always use general rather than particular terminals. Avoid adjectival commands. Never run a significance. A terminal is flat when overt/withhold no longer moves the tone arm around and the needle is not stuck. The tone arm does not have to be reading at clear for the pc’s sex if the terminal is flat — it must only be that the terminal no longer influences the tone arm and doesn’t drop the needle when mentioned.

When the pc reads more or less constantly at clear reading for his sex after doing all the above, then finish the case off with “What have you done to yourself?” “What have you withheld from yourself?”

And now get this: In co-auditing there are greater strains than professional auditing. Therefore havingness problems arise. So make it a rule that for every two hours of auditing on rudiments or O/W or anything else (which I hope not), run one half hour of objective havingness with the following single command “Look around here and find something you could have.”

I am at the present moment working on more co-auditing manual material, but it won’t be ready for quite a while and it contains more or less what you find shorthanded above. If one of the co-auditors has no HPA or HCA it’s worthwhile to get training before co-auditing.

I am giving you this in the interest of making clears. I have piloted this out as probably the only safe procedure for everyone available in present technology. These are both the fastest processes and least liability. The above regimen is not just pretty good. It’s a winner. But if you go running engrams or assuming the pc likes womankind or etc, etc, etc, or if you plunge into the case without clearing up the idea of auditing and sessions you are in for trouble, co-audit or professional.

Now let’s see some more clears around here.