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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Co-Audit ARC Break Process - B630721

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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
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Co-Audit ARC Break Process

A despatch from Dennis Stephens, DScn, Acting Assoc Sec Sydney, is informative in handling a co-audit on the ARC Break Process.

The Commands of the ARC Break Process are not entirely fixed at this time but are more or less as follows, each command being called a "leg".

In private sessions each leg of this process is run flat (more or less) before the next is run and so on and on, around and around, some effort being made to give each leg an equal time. The rules of ARC (to raise one that is low, raise the other two) apply so that no great stress is given an inability on one leg, but all are treated equally.

The process fits in at Case Level 5, is a bit higher than R2H.


The despatch follows:

Dear Ron,

The new ARC 1963 Process is producing good results here in Sydney.

We have recently introduced it onto our public co-audit. Certain problems introduced themselves in the application of this process to a group of unskilled auditors who were not trained in the use of E-Meters, etc. The process as given was to be run a leg at a time, each leg to quiet TA or 3 equal comm lags, or a cognition.

Now to run it against the TA on public co-audit meant each student had a meter (which they haven't) and the idea was rejected as impractical. Similarly training them in spotting cognitions and comm lags was also rejected as being time consuming. The other possibility was the supervisors go around continuously and take TA reads. Now this system is not good because the supervisor coming up and taking reads disturbs the pc and so disturbs the TA and so defeats its own purpose. The other possibility was an elaborate series of wiring where each pc is switched in to a Master Board and the supervisor, by switches, plugs each pc onto the meter at his desk. We haven't got such equipment and can barely afford its installation. Anyway that was discarded too.

How to run it? Well, I tried the following system out and it works like a dream. Other orgs might find it useful too.

The pc runs the first leg until he has no more answers, he then goes to second leg until he has no more answers, and similarly with the 3rd leg. He then returns to the first leg, etc, etc. If the pc should ever (heaven forbid! and it's never happened yet) have "no more answers" for each and every leg he either has a thumping ARC Break or needs a "prod" from the meter. So the supervisor would just meter check one of the legs and steer the pc's attention to the answer and he's off on another chain!

The system works OK because the pc is going round and round the same series of commands and always gets another chance to look at each question. Run in this manner the process becomes virtually unlimited.

This system of running the process is particularly applicable where raw people are concerned, with not even a comm course under their belt and fresh from PE course.

Anyway it works very well.

Very best, DENNIS