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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue III
Remimeo Sthil Students Franchise


The wrap-up of Level VI this last year brought about a full explanation of why clearing works at lower levels. And it also brought about why some could not be run at once on R6.

The reasons are quite simple.

The basis of the reactive mind is the actual Goals Problem Masses (GPMs). Life has pulled these out of position and thrust the pc into the mess.

When you find what lock words have been tied into the GPMs in this or even an earlier lifetime and key them out (destimulate them) (untie them from the main mass) the GPMs sink back into proper alignment and cease being effective.

This makes a Key-Out Clear.

This condition is valuable because the GPMs are now confrontable one by one (not dozens by dozens) and Routine 6 can be run easily on the preclear.

Once Routine 6 auditing has begun one can only handle the derangements of masses by List 6 By-Passed Charge Auditing by Lists or, in an ARC Break, by using List 6 as an ARC Break Assessment.

(If you seek to return to Clay Table Clearing after beginning R6, you get only locks on the Item the pc has been left in and cause only upset. So you never return a pc to Clay Table Clearing once he has begun R6. Moral, don’t begin R6 too soon. Clear first.)

That the state of Clear is transient and impermanent does not make it less worth while. In itself it is of enormous mental value and the full results never fade — only some of the bloom. That’s because the main bank is brought back into restimulation by Life or the pc’s overts, etc.

It is easiest to run R6 on pcs who have at some time or another been cleared. It is also possible to run R6 immediately on some rare pcs because they are just about clear anyway. It is risky to attempt R6 on the average pc who has not been cleared. Some pcs can’t be audited at all on R6 until they are cleared.

That is because they have too many lock words (words not in the GPMs but close in meaning) keeping the large chunks of the reactive mind in present time. When these lock words are handled by being found and understood the reactive mind drops out of restimulation and one can then run it out in an orderly fashion, Item by Item and GPM by GPM.

Those are the mechanics of the reactive bank itself, the real use and value of clearing in auditing, and the conditions necessary for the successful handling of Routine 6.

From the first moment he starts being audited, the pc is heading first for orientation in his environment (fewer PTPs and conflicts with others around him),second for release (from the feeling he will only get worse and can’t progress — done by giving him small wins), third by getting rid of his physical problems, fourth by clearing away the locks on the reactive bank and fifth and sixth by running out the reactive bank itself. (Note: Fifth is mentioned as it is also encountered in the form of whole track, not always necessary to handle.)

Once the reactive mind is vanquished, the pc is again capable of his full potential as a being.

If you try to short-cut it you get failed cases.

So that’s the why of levels and their design and even if unpopular they are the necessary steps across the bridge.

If somebody comes along and says it can be done with a needle and syringe or whirling until one is dazed or sitting on a mountain top gazing at his navel, he has a perfect right to say it. But the road out, whatever the process followed, must overcome the obstacles listed above or it is no road but a trap.

My responsibility has been to find the way, to develop the processes by which it could be walked safely and to communicate what I know about it to the best of my ability even across barriers erected to communication and against the wishes of those who place value in slaves.

There could have been a thousand other ways, a million variations, a billion reasons why one should not go. But if there are other ways, Man has not found them and indeed has only laid more difficulties by his past efforts.

That is the way.

It can be travelled. Truth is not always popular. That is why there is so little truth for men are commonly frightened things. One can’t rush from nowhere to the stars. But there is a way.