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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Clearing Routine - B601112

23 Hancock Street, Joubert Park, Johannesburg
Rush to all Central Orgs From S.A.
Sthill reissue as HCOB 8 Dec 60


It is urgent that the following clearing routine be adhered to if clears are to be made. These are musts. Some are new, some are old. Some of the old ones are being ignored grandly.

  1. Get the pc in session. Definition: Interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor.
  2. Use Model Session script exactly and continuously. (Delete command clearing except once on low graph cases.) Learn the script exactly.
  3. Clear PTPs with O/W on connected terminals. Never neglect a PTP.
  4. Clear ARC Breaks whenever they occur with O/W on the session’s auditor (“me”).
  5. Get case started with Presession One or a Formula.
  6. Early in auditing don’t scout for more than 15 minutes without running Who/What Failed Help or some version of it.
  7. Early in auditing don’t run any O/W for more than 15 minutes without running 10 minutes of Failed Help or a new help version.
  8. When case knows improvement has occurred on a Formula and E-Meter is changing — (not clear reading), check for Havingness process.
  9. Don’t scout for more than 15 minutes for the Havingness without running more Failed Help for 10 minutes.
  10. When Havingness is found, use it and Failed Help while looking for the Confront process.
  11. When both Havingness and Confront processes are found, run them one after the other until case seems stable. (Two hours to two sessions.)
  12. Regardless of the clear read on the TA run Havingness and Confront while scouting for the help terminal.
  13. Regardless of later data than July, 1960, find the help terminal by doing a dynamic assessment, find the dynamic that changes needle pattern, then ask pc what represents that dynamic. Search around for terminals associated with what pc said on same dynamic you found until you get one that drops most. This must take in lots of whole track, be without adjectives and understood by pc.
  14. Start Regimen 8. Using Havingness, Confront and Help on the terminal found.
  15. Put the most time in sessions in on Alternate Concept Help or Help O/W on this terminal found. Get in some of the Confront and run a bit of Havingness often.
  16. Run the help terminal for at least 75 hours regardless of needle action freeing, tone arm movement or lack of it. DO NOT CHANGE THIS TERMINAL for 75 hours of sessions. Graphs demonstrate poor gains when terminals are changed because they are “flat”. Graphs demonstrate high stable gains if the terminal for help is run at least 75 hours. It’s an auditing error to change a help terminal once begun. It’s help that clears, not the terminal.
  17. You can change the Havingness process, change the Confront process in Regimen 8 but never the help terminal.
  18. Havingness is only required to loosen the needle. It need not shift the TA. It is run only until it loosens the needle. This may be 5 to 12 commands. A good test for loose needle is to have the pc squeeze the cans before the 1st command of Havingness, squeeze the cans after 5 commands. If the drop is greater on the second squeeze, the Havingness is working. If Havingness tightens the needle after an overrun like 10 minutes pc has picked up an ARC Break.
  19. Don’t overrun Havingness. It is only to stabilize the gains and the pc.
  20. The Confront process must move the TA. If it consistently doesn’t, find a new Confront process.
  21. The Havingness and Confront process may be changed in Regimen 8, the help terminal never.
  22. The way help is being run may be changed in Regimen 8 from, say, Alternate Concept Help to Help O/W or Two Way Help on the terminal, but the terminal may not be changed.
  23. End a long period of auditing such as several intensives with O/W on the auditor, the room, Scientology, etc.
  24. New Formulas of getting cases started do not alter the above stable data.
  25. From Mest Clear to Theta Clear requires an address to the 6th Dynamic with help processes.
    One assesses for the greatest fall on Matter, energy, space, time, form or location and runs help on it in the same pattern as Regimen 8.
  26. OT requires all parts of the 6th and 7th to be cleared on help and responsibility using a Regimen 8 pattern.
The above are musts if you want to make clears. L. RON HUBBARD LRH:aec.rd