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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Clearing of Fields - B580200




A field is any thing interposing between pc (thetan) and something he wishes to see, whether Mest or mock-up.

Fields are black, grey, purple, any substance, or invisible.

To run Step 6 of Clear Procedure it is necessary to clear up “field”.RULES OF FIELDS

We take a Thetan’s ability to see for granted.

His willingness to see may be poor but we increase it by increasing his confidence, decreasing his fear of objects.

Fear of seeing is fear of mass.

A pc can keep himself from seeing by destroying all mass. This is one way mock-ups fail to appear. He has an automaticity which destroys them before they visibly appear. Short duration mock-ups are similarly caused.

A pc that can’t see is reacting from a failure (or failures) of having tried to destroy something. He then tries to destroy mock-ups. Failing this he tries to destroy self. This is a scale of survival.

Persistence of mock-ups is therefore dependent upon a pc’s willingness to let one survive.

One of the phenomena most in the road of clearing is called a ‘‘field’’. It is a self- protective or destructive device.

For our purposes, however, the question of a field is simple. Common example, pc was held in a dark room. The room kept him from going away. It is an incident. The blackness he always sees is the blackness of the room which kept him from going away. This incident or many like it piled up is a “field”. It is only necessary to have him mock up black rooms, shove them into his body and keep them from going away (pc is cause here where the room was cause before) and the field will change. This is a rule: In any field, a PC was effect in an incident where he was being kept from going away. To clear that field, it is only necessary to have him create the incident, shove it into the body and have pc keep it from going away.

The main rule of fields is that pc must be made to reverse cause on the field from field at cause to pc at cause. As all fields are incidents, and as a pc is the one who mocks up these incidents, all fields can be cleared by attaining knowing cause.

Another rule is that a pc will confront anything to the degree that he is made familiar with it. Merely making him find and recognize fields will rid him of them. Merely making him confront objects will rid him of fields.TESTING FOR FIELDS

Basic Method of Testing for a Field.

Aud: “Close your eyes.” “What do you see?”

PC: “Nothing.”

Aud: “Look at the room.” (Pc eyes still closed) “What do you see?”

PC: “Nothing.”

Aud: “Then something must be between you and room. What is it?”

etc. until pc sees field or eyelids or room.

Now repeat the same with a simple mock-up shape. (Egg, ball-bearing, or sugar cube.) Have him mock it up, look at it. If he can’t see it, ask what’s between him and it. Keep this up until he sees field.

You can also test for partial fields in areas.CLEARING FIELDS

Basic Methods of Clearing a Field:

A. A “field” is one or more incidents.

Identify and Locate the incident making a field.

Have pc mock up the incident, shove it into the body and keep it from going away.

B. Mock up a terminal same shade as the field and keep it from going away.

C. Mock up a terminal same shade as field and shove it into body.

D. Run “Destroy a mock-up in front of that body. Did you? Thanks.”

Run “Destroy a mock-up behind that body. Did you? Thanks.

Run “Destroy a mock-up below that body. Did you? Thanks.

Run “Destroy a mock-up to the right of that body. Did you? Thanks.

Run “Destroy a mock-up to the left of that body. Did you? Thanks.

Run “Destroy a mock-up above that body. Did you? Thanks.

Run “Destroy a mock-up below that body. Did you? Thanks.

E. Take pc outside as in Waterloo Station and have him “Get the idea of destroying that (indicated body or object).”

F. Move pc on time track.


A pc must know he is creating what he is creating. He is creating any mental pictures he sees. But he must know that he is creating.

Automaticity of form keeps him from believing he is making facsimiles. He has buried the ability to form complex objects. He “mocks up a man”. The mock-up is his. The form is an automaticity. Therefore he feels the mock-up isn’t his.

Simplicity of form will conquer this and regain a knowingness of mocking up. An entire clearing, including the handling of fields could be accomplished on a pc by having him do a gradient scale of forms in mock-ups, always using only mock-ups he is confident are his own and recovering his ability to destroy these mock-ups.

What is clearing but regaining awareness that one is himself mocking up all his facsimiles and regaining confidence he can destroy them as well as create them.