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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Clearing Notes - B580725

37 Fitzroy Street, London W. 1
(Issued at Washington)


by Mildred (Millie) Deen, HCO Secretary (Here are some miscellaneous notes on clearing which LRH asked me to issue as an HCO Bulletin. These are notes from 20th ACC Lectures for the most part — not taken from tapes, just my reality from hearing the lectures. — MD)

Since this bulletin goes to all field organization offices (London, S. A. , New Zealand, etc), and for the benefit of those not at the Clearing Congress July 4-5-6: Ron used an expression”The Rock” which has been picked up by all who were present at the Congress and is now being used. He was saying that nothing in this lifetime is aberrative — the person KNOWS about it. That only the unknowns of the past are aberrative. He said that each person has a basic aberration which is keeping him from being clear. It is an A=A=A thing — everything is associated somehow with this aberration — which the person is compulsively and unknowingly mocking up all the time and which is very effective on him! He suggested that a fellow might have as his basic aberration, for example, a Rock — a plain old rock. And this rock keeps getting more solid through the years — something keys in and this is added to the rock. And as you run Step 6 (keep it from going away, hold it still, make it a little more solid) on a pc, increase his ability to create, this aberration gets more and more solid. So we have been referring to a person’s basic aberration as”THE ROCK”, and this term is in common Scientological usage here at the Central Organization in Washington, D.C. , and you will be hearing of it, thus this first paragraph. (Our main goal now is to locate”The Rock” on a case and run”Help” on it. The”Help” process improves a person’s ability to create (without the assistance of other people and objects), and Step 6 (mocks) gives him practice in mocking up, creating.) Another Congress point: since this lifetime isn’t aberrative, in processing you would not run Joe’s wife Agnes, run”A wife” –”How could you help a wife?” (and the other parts of the bracket) — and thus gets to the basic aberration on wives, not just this lifetime wife. A person — an object, etc.



All valences which are aberrative contain physical duress.

All aberration is Third Dynamic.

A Bank: A method of not-knowing gone solid.

Association without consent (choice): That is what is wrong with Livingness.

THE ROCK: It goes from Enthusiasm down-scale, before pc goes up. The Rock is in Serenity, etc, then goes down-scale. Then pc goes up to Apathy, on up.

In clearing, an auditor must shift the position of the pc on the following scales: ARC Scale, Know to Mystery, and the Effect Scale.

E-METER: Find out if the E-Meter responds to any action of the pc. First: Squeeze the cans to find out whether the meter works. (Note: the higher the sensitivity knob, the more stuck on the track the pc is.) There are five meter needle actions (4 reactions, and 1 action): (1) DROP (2) THETA BOP; (3) STUCK NEEDLE; (4) RISING NEEDLE; (5) FREE NEEDLE. (E-Meters register disagreement.) (1) DROP: Tell pc you want him to lie about the questions or statements you will give him. (2) THETA BOP: talk about death –”Have you died lately?” –”Have you ever lost any pets through death?” –”Have you had any friends who died lately?” etc. (3) STUCK NEEDLE: look for the Rock. Things he hates, distrusts, betrayals. (4) RISING NEEDLE: needle is stuck and the more you keep on, the more resistance there is and it rises and rises and rises, never falling back. (These are five needle manifestations an auditor can get on an E-Meter — recognize what they are when you see them.)

7/16/58: Clearing commands: Clear commands often. If you don’t, it will as-is. (That is what processing does — as-is things bothering pc.) But don’t clear it to death at beginning of session or you will as-is it to begin with! When running Help brackets.

Clear entire bracket at beginning of process. Tell pc you are going to clear the command (for example): ”How could a ____help you?” Then clear each word — accept any definition pc gives you, unless he says”What wall?”, or unless it’s totally unreal to him, at which time the auditor has to get out and push, give examples to pc until you get some definition. Whatever definition he gives, say”GOOD” and proceed to clear the next word. Clear all words you will use in the bracket –”another person”, everything appearing in the bracket. Then, IF YOU ARE RUNNING SOMETHING WHICH IS STUCK, give the commands one after the other, straight on through the bracket.

7/17/58: Contribution by pc to the session. Auditor must get pc contribution. Start inventing things for pc to do or say to”help” in the session — to contribute. Pc contributes answers, agreements, anything.”What are you willing to contribute to this session?” Anything to get pc contribution to the session.

7/21/58: Auditor must have the intention to clear. The auditor’s goal is to get the pc to postulate a change — otherwise, nothing changes!

There are 5 CLEARING BUTTONS on the way to Clear:

1. CHANGE (CCH 0 — goals).

2. PROBLEMS. (If”problem” isn’t real to a pc, you can’t even get to first base on a pt problem.)

3. HELP — make sure this definition changes for the pc if help isn’t occurring easily.


5. RESPONSIBILITY — auditor takes responsibility for pc; pc takes some responsibility for himself and the session (and his mocks!).

(Note: ”Responsibility”, No. 5 above, comes 5th, but fits in at No. 3 also.)


The facsimile which the pc is continuously and obsessively creating and which he is suppressing below his level of consciousness and is inhibiting it… The core of the Reactive Mind for the entire track… THE BASIC ABERRATION ON THE CASE.

LOCK: An engram on the track which pc has totally disowned and is totally creating.

A legitimate clearing process: ”Invent a person and tell me what his idea of responsibility is.” (If you are getting nowhere on a pt problem with ”What part of that problem could you be responsible for?”, use ”Invent…”)

7/23/58 Hypnotism: Irresponsibility. Can be handled by”Invent a being. Tell me his idea of responsibility.”

SPECIAL EFFECTS: Some people have certain special effects they use. For example, a fellow may be named”Mr. Cry” and during a session he would weep all over the place and an auditor not paying attention to this might think he was doing a great job,”the pc certainly has a lot of grief charges and is doing fine”, when all the pc was doing was dramatizing his special effect.

All 5 buttons can have Special Effect suppressors.

In checking and scouting around for the Rock, check all creative professions and objects. For example, a painter would be a more likely suspect than a streetcar conductor.

Not-knowingness is a method of irresponsibility. Responsibility is therefore senior to Knowingness.

GOAL OF CLEARING: To recognize the ISNESS of the Rock. When pc takes responsibility for the Rock, it will blow.


Service Facsimile (don’t pay any attention to this).

Lock (moments of restimulation of the basic engram to which the pc is slightly aware).

Secondaries (emotional responses derived from a mental image picture of a moment of pain and unconsciousness [contains misemotion]).

Physical experiences which contain pain and unconsciousness.

THE ROCK IS. It does exist. It is NOT a thought, or a datum, or data, but is an actual terminal. You are looking for a mental image picture, a real terminal.

A person can THINK a mass — he can say”BOOM” — and a mock-up of a wall appear as he THINKS a mass. He doesn’t have to think,”Now I am going to mock-up a wall. All right, wall, now appear,” then the wall appears. A person can think thoughts and he can think MASSES. You do not have to think a thought first before creating a mass — just create a mass.

7/24/58: Brackets: On an easy pc, you can get away with a 5-command bracket; to be sure, use a 9-way bracket — a practical number. For difficult or tough pc, use 12, 15 or 20.


If when running a bracket one of the commands produces an automaticity (lots of answers available to the pc, they come up by the carload), the auditor, if he wants to, can then give that particular command several more times so that pc can take over the automaticity — makes for good ARC with pc, also. But you don’t have to do that = you can just continue on with the bracket (if you are running one command after the other) and it will be taken care of. If you do at that point decide to give that particular command several more times, don’t run it until the whole dam breaks loose, just a few times so pc can get it under his control a little better, just gives him a chance to look at it a bit more — then continue on.

DISPERSED CASES: The E-Meter tone arm keeps RISING ONLY. This type case is REALLY upset on all 5 Buttons (Change, Problems, Help, Create, Responsibility) — he is really messed up. Auditor should find enforced buttons on the one flow of pc to the environment — a flow where pc is outflowing to something else — where he, for example, has had to be responsible for something LONG AFTER HE WAS WILLING to be responsible for something for it (or create, and the other buttons).

(Note: A Ridge or a stuck flow is: having to be responsible for something long after you are willing to be responsible for it.)

NOTE: The one flow you can run on a pc without fear of over-running it, is: SELF OUTWARDS. (Example: ”How could you help……?” that is the pc flowing outward.)

On a dispersal case you only run an outward flow on them. Do not use the rest of the bracket to begin with.

A dispersed case either has no lie reaction on the meter, or he has a sporadic reaction (i.e. , 2 times you get no lie reaction, then you get one, then don’t get one, then get two, etc — sporadic reaction).

On this type case you can run,”WHAT PART OF THAT (OBJECT) HAVE YOU HAD TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR?” and”What part of that (object) have you had to help?” (and Create, Change, etc).


On a dispersed case, when you are running self outward, pc flowing outward, you are looking for automaticities to show up. When they do, hold pc’s nose to the grindstone and run them through it.

On dispersed case, when you try to run Help (general bracket), the tone arm will merely rise and rise — needle won’t stick anywhere — person is too dispersed. Therefore, on this type case use the above process — find out what they have had to be responsible for long after they wanted to stop being responsible for it — or help it, etc. THIS IS NOT THE SAME PROCESS AS”WHAT PART OF THAT PROBLEM COULD YOU BE RESPONSIBLE FOR?” This is”What have you had to be responsible for?” — this is finding out which flows are stuck. Then when you have a stuck flow, you can unstick it and proceed.

7/24/58: (Not ACC lecture note-verbal information from LRH to MD)




(3) Run Step 6.

(This was in answer to the question of whether to run some help, then some Step 6, back and forth, the Rock getting more solid all the while: The point is to find the Rock first, then run help, then Step 6, back and forth.)

Anything which is NOT the Rock, will free on the meter.

The process for the Rock is HELP. If you have an object, stuck on meter, run it. This object may be free — if so, you can switch to another object — IT IS THE SAME PROCESS — THE PROCESS IS”HELP”, and you are just shifting objects, as they free up. LRH said,”Objects can shift if old one frees and a new one sticks.”

7/25/58: The Rock is an apparency in present time, observable by dramatization by the pc.

After you’ve found the Rock and run it on Help, you MUST RUN STEP 6, otherwise pc will get another one started. Get him able to create as he wishes.

A Field is a disintegrated mock-up.

Some people think their”field” blocks their view of their Rock. They think,”If I could just look through my field I could then see IT.” The”field” is just a disintegration of the original perfect form, the Rock.

First and Second Postulate: The first postulate IS THE PERFECT FORM. The second postulate is the chaos, the altered first postulate which is persisting.

The Rock starts out with nothing. Then there is the first postulate — the perfect form. A perfect form is created by the thetan. Then this form disintegrates into bits and pieces scattered all over creation. As you run Help, the bits and pieces start showing up, more and more of them, leading back down the track to the perfect form, the first postulate proposition. Those bits and pieces as they show up, begin to integrate, and finally integrate into the perfect form — the Rock.

You go from NOTHING — to a FIELD — to the FORM (ROCK). When you get the form (the Rock) in its inception, it will blow. (You run pc backward on the track to find this form, the Rock.)

(Non-ACC note: A definition: Security is Predictability.)

Millie Deen
HCO Secretary