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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Clear Checks and Re-Clear Checks - B671008

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


(Reference HCO PL 13 Sept 67)

“Clear Check or a Re-Clear Check is done exactly per HCOPL 13 Sept 67, “Clear Check Outs”.

The first step, CC materials to FN, is a folder inspection. If no FN was noted in the CC folder, the point is rehabbed if it exists. Standard Rehab — date time or times, etc. Materials not run to FN is a flunk.

The second step requires the TA between 2 and 3. Proper cans giving full hand contact must be used. Solo cans are NOT used. The meter and cans must be checked out before the check by placing a 5000 ohm resistor between the cans, and then a 12,500 ohm resistor. The resistor is clipped to the cans, not the leads.

Use sensitivity 5 on the Clear and Re-Clear Check.

In rehabbing the grades keep in mind HCO B 11 Feb 66, “Free Needles, How to Get Them on a Pc”. That is, if a grade does not rehab to FN, go on to the next grade, etc, until you have an FN. Then pick up those that you left. The one really keyed in will hold down the others.

You do HCO Bs 30 June 65, 21 July 65, 2 Aug 65, 21 Oct 65 exactly. Listing and dating each and every release on a grade. REMEMBER that a pc may have gone release more than once on a given process, so check for it. You get in all steps and do a proper job of it, getting the pc happy about it before leaving the grade. When you are done you will have isolated the out grades, if any. Such a pc goes to Review to get them put in.

You must have down that the grade was RUN. “Have you been run on ARC Breaks, yes, FN, that’s it”, is incorrect. See 21 Oct 65. What processes were run? — list them-find which went release on, etc. Standard tech.

N.B. Straight wire, secondaries, engrams, and Grade Va do not need to be run. Their absence does not constitute a flunk.

However, if they were run and the pc did not go release, they would naturally have to be completed. But, this is only done IF they were run previously.

Some pcs have not been run on Grade V due to ED on old SH grads. Point is, are they whole track engram releases? If not, handle any by-passed charge. DO NOT run Power. Do not run Power on anyone who has run the CC materials.

So, on such a pc as falls under this ED, when you get to where you would be rehabbing Grade V, you instead just locate his old track processes, like Helatrobus, Fac One, etc, and find out if he went release. You use your 27 Sept 65 bulletin here — what did the pc look at that got the release — what keyed out. This determines whether or not he’s whole track engram release.

For example, pc ran on old Advanced Procedure and Axioms process of go to a moment of occlusion in this lifetime. Bang, he went whole track, a picture of two anthropoids showed up in an electronics incident. The key-out gave the pc a release lasting 3 1/2 years. On rehab, when this electronic was spotted again, there was a great resurgence and FN.

During these grade rehabs the TA may go below 2 or above 3. This is OK, you continue the rehabs as you usually would.

After rehabs are all done, any out grade is run to FN in Review, excluding those listed above.

A person pending an S & D does not receive his check until the S & D has been completed on the person and Ethics clearance has been given on it.

A Clear who acquires an Ethics record of a Crime level obviously is a misdeclare, and must be put on the usual lines and get a Re-Clear Check, then a complete Review to get in the out grade or grades. This Ethics record must be accurate and proven, not just some chit written which may or may not be true. It is a PROVEN record resulting from a Hearing, Board of Investigation, or Comm Ev. If the record is in question, it must be cleared up before revoking a Clear Certificate.

Failure to pass a Re-Clear Check by TA position is meaningless technically because upper Levels key in after Clear and will move the TA all over the dial and can tighten the needle (tighten, not scratchy). So do not withdraw the Certificate. Continue the check, do rehabs, and get in any out grades in Review. Exams does the Check.

You get a person cleaned up on whatever you found out so that he can then pass a Check.

A person who flunks a Clear Check or Re-Clear Check does NOT run the CC materials to another FN before getting another check. If, however, the flunk was because the CC materials had not been run to FN, he would of course do so before another check.


[HCOPL 13 September 1967, Clear Check Outs, OEC Volume 5, page 148, referred to above, is cancelled by HCO PL 9 January 1968, Cancellation of HCO Policy Letter of 12 Sept 1967 and HCO Policy Letter of 13 Sept 1967, OEC Volume 5, page 154.]