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Clear Certainty Rundown Series 2R


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The purpose of the Clear Certainty Rundown is: To safeguard the state of Clear and to provide a procedure whereby those who have achieved Clear can get it properly acknowledged and attain a full resurgence of the state.

The Clear Certainty Rundown (CCRD) is done to:

a. Accurately establish, with no eval or inval in the procedure, whether or not the person has actually achieved Clear;

b. Ensure that the person who has made it attains a FULL resurgence of the state;

c. Establish for the person who has not yet made Clear that he hasn't, acknowledge the case win he did have, and get him programed onto his next auditing to get him further toward achieving the state of Clear;

d. Establish the proper program for any person who might have the mistaken idea that the CCRD is going to make him Clear, and get him onto that program and progressing toward Clear.

DEVELOPMENT I made Clears with Book One back in the early days of Dianetics. But it took many years of tech research, refinement and codification to arrive at the tech of NED, with which others can now also produce Clears.

Just as in 1950, a Book One Auditor can bring about some remarkable wins and gains for his preclears. But in its current (Div 6) use on the modern Grade Chart, Book One auditing is primarily an unburdening action. (Ref: Book, Science of Survival) It generally does not cut very deeply into a case before the preclear comes into an org or mission and gets onto the Purification Rundown, Objectives and so forth. These actions also have the effect of unburdening the case.

When the preclear receives his Expanded ARC Straightwire and Expanded Grades the job of unburdening is continued at the accelerated pace this powerful tech makes possible when administered by a standard Academy-trained auditor.

The early steps of the NED auditing program are also unburdening steps. The NED Drug Rundown is designed to unsnarl the tangle of incidents on the track and general case trouble produced by drugs, medicine and alcohol so that the pc is then able to run NED with greater reality and reach incidents deeper on the track. This is followed by actions such as the Relief Rundown which address secondaries on the case. As the preclear continues his NED auditing, he begins to address heavy engrams. With standard NED auditing by a competent and qualified NED auditor, it is possible to finally reach those case factors which, confronted and handled, can enable the pc to achieve the state of Clear.

The earlier "Dianetic Clear Special Intensive" was primarily designed to handle a situation whereby many individuals had gone Clear in Dianetics and the R3R or R3RA had been carried on past that point. As it had not been earlier suspected that the state of Clear would occur at that point on the Grade Chart, it had been bypassed in many cases. A good many of those cases had been audited past Clear on processes a Clear would not necessarily respond to. Additionally, the state of Clear itself had gone unacknowledged. It often required a cleanup of any charge thus built up before a valid state of Clear could be properly verified and rehabilitated to a full resurgence of the state. Compounding the scene were misunderstoods and misconceptions on the state of Clear which led to a certain number of people being incorrectly declared Clear. The majority of those Clears have been located and handled to full resurgence of their Clear state.

With the new Grade Chart, where NED auditing is placed after the Scientology grades, we have an even more streamlined route by which a person can attain the state of Clear. This in no way invalidates those who attained Clear earlier, before this latest refinement of the Grade Chart. However, it now gives us candidates for the Clear verification and rehab who have very recently come up the new Grade Chart route and gone Clear on NED. So those requiring a Clear verification can now be grouped, roughly, into the following classes:

1. Persons with their lower grades well in who have just gone Clear on NED. A person in this category should be a breeze for the CCRD Auditor. He's just gone Clear; he's sitting there bright and shiny; and he hasn't had time, ordinarily, to accumulate any inval or eval on the state. If he has validly made it, the evidences of Clear should be easily observ- able and thus easily verified.

2. Those audited in the past on R3RA or R3R or earlier Dianetics, who have gone Clear on that processing.

3. Last-life Clears (persons who achieved Clear in Dianetics auditing or on the Clearing Course, in their previous lifetime).

4. Additionally, one will get individuals who read on "Have you gone Clear?" on prepared lists with a valid read (not a False or Protest read) or who otherwise originate they're Clear. In some of these cases past auditing records may not be available or may not show evidence of NED or any Dianetics having been run. Clears are made on NED; in some cases, they were made in running R3R or earlier Dianetics, and they are also made on the Scientology Clearing Course. Scientology lower grades do not, to my knowledge, produce Clears. Thus, for example, if it appears the person has had only Scientology grades and is reading on or originating "Clear," it could be that one is faced with handling either someone who has mistaken a major release for having gone Clear, or a pc with false data or misunderstoods or a Crashing Mis-U on the sub- ject, or a missing folder situation or a last-lifetime Clear or something else. Whatever the situation, it requires a full sort-out and handling with no invalidation of the pc and with the pc either correctly declared Clear or put onto a program where he can achieve it.

On any of these cases, but more particularly on cases (2), (3) and (4), there may be bypassed charge and/or misunderstoods or other case outnesses to clean up on the person before the state can be accurately adjudicated.

Thus, there has been a need for a Clear verification action which would encompass all of these categories — streamlined enough for the person who has just made it, but with built-in conditional steps for those with accumulated charge, misunderstoods, misconceptions, etc., on the state, so that these, too, can be handled.

That need has now been answered with the Clear Certainty Rundown.

With the Clear Certainty Rundown, all cases needing a Clear verification and rehab can now be handled smoothly.

Revision assisted by LRH Technical Research and Compilations