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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Clear and Release (CCRD-5R) - B940504

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Remimeo Tech/Qual Registrars Missions Clear Certainty Rundown Series 5R


(Taken from an LRH despatch of 11 December 1981.)

Years ago there was a state called “Keyed-out Clear.” But earlier than that, there was the state of “Release.”

A person feels so much better with auditing that he is certain he must have gone Clear, whereas he has actually attained “Release.” Clear is a specific, definite manifestation and there is no arguing with it: one is or one isn’t. When a person really goes Clear, he knows it.

Any confusion on this subject stems around the question, “How much better can one feel?” The Purification Rundown, TRs and Objectives, the Scientology Drug Rundown, Expanded ARC Straightwire and Expanded Grades make one feel much, much better, ordinarily, and each one of these steps (if the auditing is done right and the pc cooperates) can produce a Release.

None of the actions from the Purification Rundown up through Expanded Grade IV have ever produced Clears. What they can do is straighten out a vast number of worries, concepts and concerns. They result in, when audited well on a pc who cooperates, release after release. Then, when the pc goes onto the NED Drug Rundown or into NED, experience and lots of cases tend to indicate that, sooner or later, he can go Clear. And even if he doesn’t make it then, he can still go on to the Clearing Course at an AO.

The point is that most pcs are so tangled up in life that their chances of going Clear on NED are enormously reduced if they don’t follow the Grade Chart. A person whose concepts are snarled and who hasn’t viewed his life as he has been living it through the benefits of Grades, can be too much at cross purposes with himself to easily attain real clearing.

What is the EP of clearing anyway? It is simple: the definition of Clear is: the person no longer has his own reactive mind. So the state of Clear is not cloudy even one little bit!

If a person follows the new Grade Chart, he is pretty well sailing before he hits NED. He will or won’t go Clear on NED. If he doesn’t, there’s still the Clearing Course in the AOs.

So Clear is Clear and it is not a release. And when a person is Clear there is still, above that, the state of OT, and that’s what the Advanced Courses and NOTs are all about.

After Clear, one is in a different operating climate in life. But if a person who has not had Grades goes Clear, he is a Clear with his life and concepts all tangled up: Grades can handle this but it is a sort of step backwards to the person. He has a feeling he should go on to OT and here he is, still involved in confusing life relationships.

And so it is not that the state of Clear is in question, it is that a person, following the new Grade Chart, has been set up to have it and appreciate it and won’t mistake a point of Release for it. There aren’t different states of Clear. But there are different states of living environment and relationships of a person. And this seems to give a difference to his life quality. The new Grade Chart, followed, will give a lot of subjective reality on this.

Don’t get into quibbling about what Clear is as there is no quibble. But people can mistake Release for it just because they’d had a floating TA or their wife said “How changed you are!” after ARC Straightwire.

A trained C/S whose own case is in good shape is likely to forget two things: how awful a bank in full roar (like the guy in the street) can be, and how many tremendous wins there can be on the way up.

Compilation assisted by LRH Technical Research and Compilations