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Until such time as accumulated data may otherwise indicate, and to prevent a beautifully effective area of processing being messed up by inept use on pcs, the following policies are in force for all uses of the Clay Table:

Clay Table work is Level III. This means that it can be used by any HCA/HPA. Any student in training for HCA/HPA in an Academy may use, by general policy, HCA/HPA processes in the Academy while undergoing training. It can be used on any HQS student by an HCA/HPA student. It cannot be used by or taught to HQS students.

Only the student who has completed his HCA training may use it on outside pcs or in an HGC.

No Clay Table work of any kind may be used in PE work or in HAS Co-audits or in public co-audits of any kind where the co-auditors are not already trained in an Academy on Clay Table work.

By recent policy relaxing pc gradation, pcs at any level may be run on Clay Table but only by a Level III (HCA/HPA) trained auditor or in an Academy by someone being trained in Level III processes.

Clay Table work looks simple, works fast. But it is essentially a listing type process where things are being selected to run and that makes it solidly Level III.

Expert handling of the auditing Comm Cycle and other fine points are vital to working with a pc on a Clay Table. One has to understand the theory of clearing as given in the Saint Hill tape lecture of 3 Sept ‘64.

Clay Table evolves Homo Sapiens into Homo Novis, the new man. Clearing in its earliest, original sense, is easily obtained by Clay Table work in the hands of the auditor trained at Level III.

That is a marvelous thing. There is no reason to wreck it in pcs and spoil it for them by letting it be badly used by untrained persons.

Clay Table training will be available in Academies across the world. R6 auditors leaving Saint Hill and heading for key points in international central organizations have been carefully trained on Clay Table work and even as this is being written, it is being set up for teaching in most Academies. There is therefore no excuse to use it incorrectly.

Clay Table work handles:

1. The longstanding goal of getting clear, without exceptions or only minor percentages making it — with it comes broad, general clearing. It may have been overdue for a while, but it is here: clearing for anybody;

2. Improvement of work accomplishment by staffs;

3. Rapid, certain gains in HGCs as a routine activity by HCA/HPAs;

4. A penetration of the world of healing and a definite change in our attitude toward healing;

5. More rapid progress through upper courses.

There are other gains attainable in Clay Table work. But the above five are the ones you will soon get the full benefit of technically and organizationally.

The only things which can inhibit these gains are:

(a) Trying to use Clay Table work without complete briefing;

(b) Use of it by auditors below Level III.

I sought for a long while for the technology up to Level IV. We have now achieved it. Let’s go at it right, get it correctly applied, and succeed with it.