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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Checklist for Setting Up a Solo Session - B800709

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Контрольный Список Соло-Сессии (Серия Соло 1) - Б800709
Saint Hill Manor, East, Sussex
Solo Auditor Checksheet Solo Course Supervisor Solo Series #1



The following checklist is based on refinements in Solo procedure developed to enable a Solo Auditor to be able to set up for a session, and be able to audit without distractions during the session. Drill this checklist until you can do it easily and rapidly. (NOTE: As use of a Mark VI E-Meter is recommended for Solo auditing, checklist items #12, 13 and 34 are included to cover Mark VI operation.)

l. Choose a room to audit where you won't be interrupted.

2. Hang an "In-session" sign on the door.

3. Set up the card table (auditing table) and chair.

4. Set up the Mark VI on the table.

5. Place a paper stack of legal length paper on the right back corner of the table (parallel with the meter and back edge of the table).

6. Place a couple of sheets of paper alongside the meter in an easy writing position (to use as worksheets).

7. Put two ball-points on the table within easy reach (one of these is a spare).

8. Place a pocket stapler on the paper stack.

9. Place correction lists and materials on the table behind the meter, parallel with the far edge of the table.

10. Sit down.

11. Check the meter charge by turning the knob to "Test".

12. If it is not charged, plug in the charging lead to the meter and mains. Note that the charging light comes on showing that current is flowing.

13. Press the date button (below the clock dial) to get the date.

14. Write the date and year across the top center of the worksheet.

15. Make a small vertical bar down from the center of the date to divide the worksheet into two columns (the bar should be about 2 inches long).

16. Turn the meter on (if not already on).

17. Make sure the can jack is disconnected.

18. Put the TA at 2.0 exactly.

19. Put the needle on "Set" with the Trim knob.

20. Write the Trim check on the worksheet (2.0 = 2.0) at the top of column l of the worksheet.

21. Note the time on the worksheet, under "2.0 = 2.0" and to the left (time includes A for AM. , P for PM.).

22. Push in the can jack.

23. Take up the cans. (Separated, insulator in left can top.)

24. With your knuckle and without letting go of the cans, move the TA up until the needle is at "Set".

25. Write the two can TA read in the right edge of the column (opposite the time) with a (2) after it (e.g. 2.5(2)).

26. Put the right hand can together with the left hand can to make it a one hand electrode.

27. Grasp the one hand electrode so your hand area is equal on both cans.

28. Put an insulator (such as a sheet of plastic) on your left knee.

29. Put your left hand holding the cans on your left knee (knuckles down, cans up).

30. With the TA put the needle at "Set".

31. Write the one hand electrode TA read on the worksheet (in the right edge of column), with a (l) after it (e.g. 3.4(1)).

32. Squeeze the cans for Sensitivity setting, and adjust it until the needle goes from "Set" to approximately the left hand line of "Test" on can squeeze.

33. Write down the Sensitivity setting on the worksheet just below the time (e.g. Sens 3.8).

34. Press the button to set the TA counter at zero, and write down 0 TA just under the TA read for one hand electrode.

35. Metabolism test: Take a deep breath and let it out through your mouth. Write down the Metabolism test in the left side of the column (about opposite 0 TA), in inches, e.g. "Metab l", which would mean that the Metabolism test gave a one inch fall (and the Metabolism test should be at least a one inch fall in order to audit).

The Solo Auditor is now set up to audit and would begin with "Start of Session", written S of S on the worksheet under the Metabolism test and "0 TA" notations.


The rest of this checklist gives the procedure for ending off a Solo session.

36. Write the time at the left side of the column (time includes A for AM. , P for PM.).

37. Write the TA counter reading at the right edge of column, e.g. 1.3 TA (which means 1.3 divisions of TA action).

38. Write the TA read for one hand electrode in the right edge of the column (e.g. 2.9(1)).

39. Take the cans apart and get a two can read, by adjusting the TA so the needle comes to "Set" using your knuckle (as in #24).

40. Write the two can TA read in the right edge of the column under the one hand electrode read (e.g. 2.3))

41. Unplug your can Jack.

42. Bring the needle to set using the TA. (Note that the TA counter reading is taken before going back to two cans, or you would get a false TA action count.)

43. Note the Trim check in the worksheet. (It should be 2.0 - 2.0, as before. But whatever the TA read is note it, as it would show that the Trim had gone off during the session, giving false TA reads.) The Trim check is written in the center of the worksheet column.

44. Turn the meter off and write "M off" under the Trim check (otherwise you could leave the meter on and come back to a flat meter).

45. End of with "End of Session" and write E of S at the bottom of the worksheet column.

46. If you used more than one sheet of worksheet paper, staple them together.

47. Put the worksheets in your Solo folder. (The latest session always goes on top.)

48. Put the folder in an envelope flash marked for Advanced Courses.

49. Take down the "In-session" sign.

50. Get an after session exam and put it in your folder.

51. Send the folder to the Case Supervisor (or store it securely if the C/S has okayed you to run several sessions between submissions).


Drill this checklist to accurate rapidity.

LRH:dr Attachment No. 1

This is a sample Solo worksheet, showing only the beginning and ending of the session:

9 July 80
2.0 = 2.0
10:45A 2.5 (2)
Sens 3.8 3.4 (1)
Metab 1 0.0 TA
11:02 A 1.3 TA
2.9 (1)
2.3 (2)
2.0 = 2.0
M off
E of S