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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Checklist for Setting Up a Session - B771204

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Контрольный Список для Подготовки Сессий и Е-метра - Б771204
CONTENTS CHECKLIST FOR SETTING UPSESSIONS AND AN E-METER A. Pre-Appointment: B. Call In: C. Room Readiness: D. Auditing Materiel: E. Pc Entrance to Auditing Room: F. Meter Set Up For Session: G. Start the Session.
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
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In order to prevent constant interruptions of a session to get dictionaries, prepared lists, etc. etc. and in the vital interest of keeping the pc smoothly in session — interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor, the following checklist has been made.

An auditor should drill this checklist until he has it down thoroughly, without reference to it.

A. Pre-Appointment:

1. Paid invoice slip of pc. ________

2. Pc folders:

2a. Current ________

2b. Old. ________

3. Pc folder study by auditor. ________

4. Folder Error Summary. ________

5. A C/S for the session. ________

6. Any cramming actions on the C/S. ________

B. Call In:

7. Enough time to do session. ________

8. Appointment (made by auditor or Technical Services). ________

9. Scheduling Board (auditor, pc, room, time). ________

C. Room Readiness:

10. Clean up room. ________

11. Smells removed. ________

12. Room temperature handled. ________

13. Area and hall silence signs made. ________

14. Silence signs placed. ________

15. Knowing where the W.C. is. ________

16. Right sized table, sturdy, doesn’t squeak. ________

17. Side table. ________

18. Adequate light if room gets dark. ________

19. Flashlight in case power fails. ________

20. Quiet clock or watch. ________

21. Blanket for pc in case gets cold. ________

22. Fan or A/C in case pc gets too hot. ________

D. Auditing Materiel:

23. Paper for W/Ss and lists. ________

24. Ballpoints or pencils. ________

25. Kleenex. ________

26. Anti-perspirant for sweaty palms. ________

27. Hand cream for dry palms. ________

28. Dictionaries including Tech and Admin Dictionaries and a non-dinky one in language. ________

29. Grammar. ________

30. Auditing materiel, white forms, prepared lists including those that might be called for on other prepared lists. ________

31. E-Meter. ________

32. Spare meter. ________

33. Preliminary meter check for charge and operational condition. ________

34. Meter shield (to obscure meter from pc). ________

25. In Session sign for door. ________

36. Extra meter lead. ________

37. Different sized cans. ________

38. A plastic bag to cover one can for pcs who knock cans together. ________

39. Finalize setting up room for session. ________

E. Pc Entrance to Auditing Room:

40. In Session sign on door. ________

41. Phone shut off. ________

42. Putting pc in chair. ________

43. Comfort of chair check with pc and handle. ________

44. Adjusting pc’s chair. ________

45. Check pc clothes, shoes for tightness and handle. ________

46. Check with pc if room is all right and handle. ________

F. Meter Set Up For Session:

47. Check test (for charge). ________

48. See that needle is not dancing by itself or auditing itself. ________

49. Make sure 2.0 = 2.0 by trim. ________

50. Snap in leads jack. ________

51. Verify trim by calibration resistor onto alligator clips. ________

52. Put needle on set. ________

53. Put pc on. ________

54. Adjust pc sensitivity for 1/3 dial drop by pc can squeeze. ________

55. Go through False TA Correction as needed including change of cans, cream, anti-perspirant as needed. ________

56. Have pc take a deep breath and let it out and see if needle gives a latent fall (which it should). ________

57. Check for adequate sleep. ________

58. Check to be sure pc has eaten and is not hungry. ________

59. Ask for any reason not to begin session. ________

G. Start the Session.