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RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Проверка Вопросов на Процессах Ступеней - Б800623
- Проверка Вопросов на Процессах Ступени - Б800623R82
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo All Auditors C/Ses Academy Levels Tech Qual (Cancels BTB 22 Oct 1970
Iss I, reissued 1 Aug 74



When you are picking something to run on an individual that is handling his individual manifestations it must read well before you run it. Items, flows, listing questions (L&N) or other auditing questions directed toward the person’s individual case manifestations are always checked for read before running them. And if they don’t read they are not run. (Ref: HCOB 27 May 70R, Rev. 3.12.78 UNREADING QUESTIONS AND ITEMS and HCOB 3 Dec 78 UNREADING FLOWS.)

To dispel any uncertainty or confusion on the part of any auditor or C/S in regard to how the above data relates to the handling of the routine questions or commands of the grades processes, the following is to be made broadly known and adhered to:


The routine questions or commands of the grades processes, including the expanded grades processes, are not checked for read before running them. (This includes, of course, Objectives and Self Analysis list commands and questions.)

The reason for this is that the grades processes are de­signed to handle those elements and areas of charge which are common to all thetans.

The only exceptions to the above rule would be:

A. Where the checking of the question for a read is expressly designated as a part of that individual technique, or

B. On listing (L&N) questions such as on the main Grade III and IV Listing Processes.

The Grade Chart was released as a result of thorough and painstaking research carried out over a number of years. The program it lays out is the basic program for any and every case, The fact that a routine grades process question may not read when first given to a pc does not mean there is no charge on the question. Nine times out of ten it means only that it will take a bit of time for the pc to get into the process and contact the charge that is there. It could mean that the ques­tion has not been properly cleared and thus is not fully under­stood by the pc. The initial action is, of course, to ensure that the pc does understand the question or command. But the auditor does not check a routine grades process command or ques­tion for read before running it, other than as noted in the exceptions listed above.

To summarize:

1. When you are selecting something to run on the pc that is handling his individual case manifestations you always check it for read and it must read well before you run it. Not all pcs have “a sharp pain in the left elbow” or are upset by false teeth or have a prepcheck-able item called “reviews” or have an item for “Who or what has suppressed you?”.

2. When you are running something that is common to all thetans — i.e. , that all thetans have — then the charge is there, though it could take a little while to run the meter action into the process. Probably with the rudiments well in most of the standard processes would read anyhow, if you happened to be looking at the meter. Thus, later in the pc’s auditing you can check a pre­viously run grade process for read as an indication of whether or not it is flat.

An example of how all of this data applies on, say, Grade 0, would be:

To run the Process 0-B, you would check the item for read before using it in the blank in the command. But you wouldn’t check “communication”, find no read and then skip Grade Zero on the pc!

The Grade Chart is the basic program for any case.

To omit whole segments of it because the data in this issue is not fully understood is to deny the pc the awarenesses and regained abilities that are vital to his progress up the Bridge and the attainment of OT.

All the processes of a grade are run on the pc until the pc has honestly achieved the end phenomena for that grade.

That is how we get a pc up the Bridge to OT.