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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Changes in Training Drills (HCO Training Bulletin) - B570717

Washington, D.C.
All Staff All ACC Students 4 — London (to their training personnel, Assoc Secty) LRH ACC file CO file


The 18th ACC, which is being conducted with a goal of refining training, is furnishing some vital data. This will be published from time to time and finally summarized in Training Bulletins.

Training 5, Hand Mimicry, becomes Training 5(b) Hand Mimicry.

The new Training 5 is “Sit in that Chair”. It is used on Saturdays in Washington supervised and London unsupervised.

NUMBER: Training 5.

NAME: Sit in that Chair.

COMMANDS: Sit in that Chair, comm bridged occasionally to Touch that Chair and back to Sit in that Chair.

POSITION: Auditor and pc seated a comfortable distance apart.

PURPOSE: To give student an actual process that integrates all earlier steps in the Communication Course (TR 0 to TR 4) as an actual process so that he will not be faced with doing this integration on 8c while in motion. Summates the things learned in Comm Course.

TRAINING STRESS: Process is not coached save by instructor. It is actually run on a fellow student. The student pc is not manually forced to do process. Only the earlier TR skills are used. Student’s confidence in being able to audit should be raised.

HISTORY: Developed by LRH for the 18th Advanced Clinical Course in Washington, D.C., July 1957.

Training 6, 8c, remains itself but is changed as follows:

NUMBER: Training 6.

NAME: 8c.

COMMANDS: First half of session period student silently steers coach’s body around room, not even to walls, quietly starting, turning and stopping coach’s body. Second part of session commands are “Look at that wall.” “Thank you.” “Walk over to that wall.” “Thank you.” “With your right hand touch that wall.” “Thank you.” “Turn around.” “Thank you.” Student may touch coach’s body.

POSITION: Student and coach walking side by side. Student always on coach’s right except when turning coach.

PURPOSE: First part: To accustom student to moving another body than his own without verbal communication. Second part: To accustom student to move another body by and while giving auditing commands and to accustom student to proper commands of 8c.

TRAINING STRESS: Complete, crisp precision of movement and commands. Student as in any other TR except TR 5 is flunked only for current and preceding TRs. Thus in this case the coach flunks student for every hesitation or nervousness in moving body, for every flub of command, for poor confronting, for bad communication of command, for poor acknowledgment, for poor repetition of command, and for failing to handle origins by coach.

HISTORY: Developed by LRH in Camden, New Jersey, for the 2nd ACC, in October 1953 and modified for the 18th ACC, July 1957, in Washington, D.C.