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CONTENTS Casualties
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
HCO Secs Assn Secs


(not confidential)

There are a few casualties along the line of getting off overts, and by my telling you about them, you may be able to prevent others and to better understand what is going on.

Only about eight people have "run for the brush" to date because of an unwillingness to reveal their overts against Scientology. There may be a few more but the data is not to hand. The overwhelming majority of Scientologists have embraced these new techniques and measures with enthusiasm.

Factually, those that blew were not in possession of much data on overts. I feel that if they had been they would have stood up to it.

In early November I ordered all organizations to give an E-Meter check on all staffs preliminary to auditing these on the new overt/withhold-responsibility combination. I also forbade Central Orgs to employ persons with hidden social crimes that might be used to hurt Scientology (blackmail) until expiation could be accomplished and auditing completed.

This began by suspending one Doug Moon in HASI Melbourne until he had been cleared since he was such a social liability.

Almost instantly on receipt of the E-Meter check order Iain Thompson in HASI London, long-time friend of Moon, unexpectedly resigned and caused Kaye Thompson to resign from HCO WW.

All that had happened at Saint Hill up to that moment was my release of casual non-Scientology personnel and a liquor stealing butler before I left for Australia so Mary Sue could carry on more easily.

The day I returned to Saint Hill Norma Webb, a Peter Stumbke and another non-Scientologist named Dinah Day resigned and ran away.

On November 23rd at the urgings of Nina West, close friend of Webb, Nibs Hubbard deserted his post in Washington and left no forwarding address. It transpires that he had been caught up in the Moon-Webb-West connections. He tried to find nerve to face an E-Meter the Saturday he left but did not report for his scheduled session with his Washington auditor on that day. He has since been heard of here and there borrowing money and staying out of sight.

The registrar in Melbourne subsequently left before she could be put on a meter.

The only action taken concerning these people is suspension or cancellation of certificates pending E-Meter checks and clearing of overts against Scientology. None except Moon were dismissed, but they have been heard to say that they were. They resigned without notice to me.

Any Scientologist encountering any of these personnel would do all of us a favour by getting them on a Meter and getting their overts against us off and reporting having done so to HCO WW.

If any further blows occur as a result of present know-how, the same procedure will be followed.

As Nibs Hubbard was probably being blackmailed it is creditable that he removed himself from post before he could be made to harm the Washington Organization.