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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Case Analysis - Health Research - B631214


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Central Orgs Franchise


I recently indicated that I was doing some research into alleviation of physical difficulties, not because we are in healing but because the AMA should be taught a lesson for attacking us.

The research took a sudden optimistic turn with the new subject of Case Analysis, HCO Bulletin of November 26, 1963. While Case Analysis is not used for healing purposes, it can be varied at very low levels to produce some astonishing results in health.

The steps for Case Analysis are

(1) Discover what the pc is sitting in,

(2) Get the lies off,

(3) Locate and indicate the charge.

In (1) the pc is sitting in whatever the pc says he or she is sitting in, i.e. “I don’t know” means pc is sitting in a puzzle and is used with steps (2) and (3) by finding what he has supposed and then with the Itsa handled, establishing the truth of it.

The following example severely follows the (1), (2) and (3) steps of Case Analysis without seeming to and without the pc having a clue about either Case Analysis or Scientology for that matter. This was done by a DScn using the new fundamentals of Case Analysis as an independent action to help someone, and very cleverly done it was. I asked the auditor to write it up for you.

“Dear Ron,

“An account of an assist which I gave recently.

“The pc, aged 17 years, was completely new to Scientology: he was suffering from chronic bronchitis, which was currently particularly worrying to him as he had just been given a serious warning by his doctor that this could become TB.

“I used the case-analysis assist, first establishing he was ‘sitting in’ chest trouble, then getting him to tell me all he could about the condition, then I asked (after the TA had slowed down) what he considered was the cause of the trouble, i.e. getting the untruth off, and he said, ‘Well, I think it is caused by the climate’ — this was accompanied by a big TA blowdown; no further considerations were forthcoming and no more TA action, so I then asked if this condition ‘had anything to do with something that he himself had wanted to do’ (i.e. an ACTUAL GPM) — no BD, so then asked did it have any connection with ‘something that someone else had tried to make him do’ (i.e. IMPLANT GPM), no BD, so then asked if this was connected with someone or something he had ever known (RIs). This produced a big BD and pc spoke of his grandfather’s death: a further BD when I enquired if his grandfather had died of some chest trouble. Then I asked if any other person or incident was connected to his chest trouble: big BD on ‘Nearly drowned in a swimming pool just before grandfather died. ’ I let him ITSA on both these incidents until TA slowed down, then indicated to him that the trouble was connected to grandfather’s death AND the near-drowning incident — this gave a further BD.

“In all this assist (in model session) took 34 minutes and made 7 divisions of TA BD: pc made his goal ‘To get to the cause of the trouble’, and the Gain: ‘It’s got me deeply interested in the work. ’ Pc has virtually lost his cough and has applied for a staff appointment at HCO WW. This pc had never heard of Scientology prior to about one week before the assist.


”Note: 12 days after this auditing the coughing was still in abeyance.