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Ability Issue 88 M
[1959, ca. late January]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.


L. Ron Hubbard

General ethical standards in America are at their low-low ebb.

When we see what the peers of “healing” do to make a dishonest dollar, when we see “mental healing” relegated to mental torture and destruction we find at the same time that the local and the national governments enforce the vicious practitioners, the antibiotic quack and the electric shock witch doctor.

If Scientology is to make any progress whatever its own ethical standards must be without reproach. Why Q and A with a caved-in society? One of my “hats” is ethical standards.

HCO is Hubbard Communications Office. It is the office that helps me wear my hats. Therefore one of the three principal hats of HCO is Ethical Standards, the keeping of the codes. The other two are Technology and Awards.

There are many HCO offices throughout the world. But nowhere do they have the problems of magnitude in the field of ethics that they have in America.

Succumbing to the general low tone of the society, there are persons about who:

  1. Do not care to have the actual skill necessary to get results;
  2. Do not scruple in their promises to pcs and
  3. Work against the best interests of the Central Organization and other auditors.

Heretofore I have been relatively unaided in this problem. I have tried many ways to solve it. All failed in America. These solutions worked elsewhere but not in America. Fortunately HCO has come of age. I am getting help.

An HCO Secretary is a well-trained Scientologist. After that she is my own secretary in the area. She has a motto “Bring Order” — the motto of HCO. HCO staff are dedicated Scientologists, the best, carefully selected.

Today any unethical practitioner in Scientology is beginning to feel uneasy. And rightly. HCO (to say nothing of Central Organizations) is breathing down his neck.

Today ethical auditors, doing their jobs and well, are feeling easier. HCO is backing up their activity and making them secure in their gains by, for instance, keeping roving auditors out of ethical areas and the squirrels gasping their last.

An ethical auditor does the following:

  1. He helps the good repute of Scientology.
  2. He keeps dissemination up with a healthy part of his income.
  3. He gets results when he processes somebody.
  4. He charges standard fees, no cut-rate.
  5. He stands in well with his fellow auditors.
  6. He makes no wild promises to pcs he can’t back up.
  7. He never tells a pc the pc is now clear.
  8. He uses standard processes.
  9. He keeps his own case improving toward clear on higher levels.

An unethical auditor is earmarked by the following:

  1. He lives on the good repute of Scientology but downgrades it.
  2. He profits by the dissemination of others or the Central Organization and pockets what he should contribute as “profit.”
  3. He processes people without caring about results, only profit.
  4. He cut-rates his processing or grossly overcharges.
  5. He is despised by other auditors.
  6. He makes any promise he has to to get a pc to buy processing.
  7. He tells pcs they are clear no matter what they think.
  8. He uses any process that happens to occur to him and avoids standard proven processes.
  9. He shuns personal auditing on himself.

And there you have what’s holding us back.

When the New Year of Year Nine came, I made a resolution. I had the administrative machinery set up, the needful comm lines. And I resolved to “Take steps to take full responsibility for field auditors in America.”

I don’t care whether this resolution is popular or unpopular. It’s got to be done. Here’s how it is: I tell people about recent results and about clears. Some creep, already in bad with me, yet finds ways of ‘‘profiting’’ by “cashing in.” Trouble is, these couldn’t audit out a sore finger on a clear. What do they know about my goals or ethics. Yet they use the name and rake in cash — and spoil areas with their stupid blundering. They fail to help cases. They are parasitic upon the dissemination done by others. They take money that should go into sound future and waste it.

HCO is vitally interested in this campaign. The HCO goal is “Get the field auditor to get results in America, and get the show on the road.”

And HCO can spend thousands to do it.

Any area that is being victimized by an unethical auditor will soon feel the influence of HCO. We mean business. And America has been asking for it hard.

Scientology is the greatest movement on Earth today, the only honest movement with real hope for Man’s future. It must not be stalled by the prevailing low of American ethics.

It is shameful that I can only guarantee Scientology results in America where HCO or myself can directly supervise the processing. This must change. A professional auditor’s certificate must continue to mean honesty, results and adherence to the codes.

This is no sudden campaign that will be forgotten. There are HCO offices all over the world, more than in America. I’m winning. HCO is winning. It’s about time the field won too. For Scientology is winning a new life for Man the world around.